Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Cultivator with Soft Handle
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Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Cultivator with Soft Handle

  • Long easy-to-grip gardening tool for making soil fine
  • Suitable for those with arthritis or in a wheelchair
  • Removes strain from the hand, wrist and back
  • Non-slip for easy use even in wet weather


Dispatched in 1-2 days  

Dispatched in 1-2 days

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Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Cultivator with Soft Handle

Particularly useful for green-fingered individuals in wheelchairs, the Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Cultivator with Soft Handle removes any need to bend down or strain the body when tending to your garden. The tool's distinctive design not only permits the wrist to stay in a natural position, rather than stretching the delicate tendons in the arm, but also prevents any strain from bending down.

How Can This Soft Grip Cultivator Help Me?

If you're finding it more and more difficult to get out of the house and into the garden due to increasing strain on your arms, wrists, hands and back, this Long Reach Cultivator is the product for you.

Designed and developed with an innovative design that eliminates the need to strain yourself when holding traditional gardening tools, this tool keeps the hand and wrist at a natural angle while simultaneously allowing you to garden to your heart's delight without the need to bend down.

Easi-Grip Handle Reduces Strain on the Wrist

Key Features and Benefits

  • Long design prevents the need to bend over when gardening, making it ideal for sore backs
  • Pistol grip handle provides optimal comfort
  • For effective use when making soil fine
  • Long reach design is useful for wheelchair gardeners
  • Can be easily used in a seated position for ultimate comfort
  • Eliminates strain and blisters from traditional gardening tools
  • Non-slip handle allows easy use even in wet weather
  • Stainless steel permits easy manoeuvre and cleaning
  • Colourful and funky design is easy to find in the garden or shed
  • Recommended to use with the Arm Support Cuff for extra assistance

Who is the Easi-Grip Tool For?

The Long Reach Cultivator is an invaluable tool for the green-fingered individuals out there who find that gardening is becoming a strain. The tool is useful for:

  • Arthritis
  • Back problems
  • Grip issues
  • Mobility issues
  • Wheelchair users
  • Wrist/arm pain

Specifications of the Garden Cultivator

  • Handle Height: 10cm (4")
  • Overall Length: 80cm (30")
  • Cultivator Material: Stainless Steel

Long Reach Design

For gardeners with back problems or in wheelchairs, it can be difficult to properly tend to your shrubbery. The Long Reach Cultivator permits the user to remain in a comfortable sitting position and eliminates any need to strain the back by bending down.

Does the Handle Design of the Ergonomic Cultivator Mean I Could Drop It?

The one-of-a-kind Easi-Grip Garden Cultivator not only allows the tool to be held at a stress-free angle, but the innovative design is also non-slip! This eliminates the need to have a firm grip which may be required with more traditional tools and the product is less likely to slip loose in damper conditions.

Please note that due to the long length of the product, we recommend use with the Arm Support Cuff for added support.

Stainless Steel Design

Consisting of a high-quality stainless steel, the Long Reach Ergonomic Cultivator is designed for long-lasting use. This also allows the tool to make its way effortlessly through even hard soil to ensure you have a reliable gardening tool at hand.

Is the Easi-Grip Garden Cultivator Eligible for VAT Relief?

The Soft Grip Cultivator is eligible for VAT Relief. For more information, please visit our VAT Relief information page.

VAT Relief

This product is eligible for VAT relief. Please visit our VAT relief page for more information by clicking on the link below.

Health and Care VAT Relief Page

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