New Age Boccia Set
 New Age Boccia SetNew Age Boccia Set 
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New Age Boccia Set

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  • Complete boccia set for schools and sports clubs
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Improves motor skills and team cooperation
  • Internationally recognised sport for disabled and abled users


Dispatched in 1-3 days  

Dispatched in 1-3 days

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New Age Boccia Set

Finding a game that is fun for users of all abilities can be challenging, but this is where New Age products like the New Age Boccia Set come in! The set allows abled and disabled users to play or compete against each other on an equal level, making it an excellent product for mixed ability schools, sports clubs and organised events.

Boccia is an internationally recognised sport that can be played for fun or as a competitive sport. It is an excellent way of helping students bond and learn important skills.

What's Included in This Set?

The New Age Boccia Set includes the following items so you can start playing boccia straight out of the box:

  • 6 x Red Boccia Balls
  • 6 x Blue Boccia Balls
  • 1 x White Jack Ball
  • 1 x Carrying Case

Key Features of the New Age Boccia Set

  • Fun for a range of users with different abilities
  • Supplied in a carry case for transporting to schools and sports clubs
  • Recognised as an event for the disabled and abled alike
  • Played for fun or as a serious competitive sport
  • Made from hand-stitched synthetic leather with plastic bead infill
  • Weights and sizes made to competition standards

Who Can Play Boccia?

The New Age Boccia Set is suitable for most users over the age of three and can be played by abled and disabled users alike. If some players require additional assistance while they play, the set can be paired with New Age Boccia Pushers to make the sport accessible to almost everyone.

How Do I Play Boccia?

Boccia is a relatively new sport similar to bocce and is an excellent game for athletes with a range of physical abilities. Fairly simple in design, the game can be played by individuals, pairs, or teams of three, with the aim being to get the blue or red balls as close to the white ball (i.e. the jack) as possible. The aim of each turn is to either get closer to the jack than the opposing team or to knock their ball away from the jack.

The team farthest away from the jack plays first, and each round ends once both teams have thrown all their balls. The winning team of each round earns one point for every ball closer to the jack than their opponent's closest ball. Balls can be moved with the hands, feet or an assistive device like the New Age Boccia Pushers or New Age Bowls Ramp, making boccia suitable for a wide range of users.

Can I Start Playing Boccia Straight Away?

This New Age Boccia Set includes everything you need to get started! Simply find a flat indoor playing area like a gym or a hall to make the game as fair as possible. Please note that if some players require additional assistance, the New Age Boccia Pushers and New Age Bowls Ramp can be purchased separately to ensure everyone can join in with the fun.

If you work with a number of visually impaired users, the New Age Sensory Sound Boccia Set includes balls that emit a sound so the player can work out where they need to throw their ball. Please note that this set is also suitable for use with the New Age Boccia Pushers and the New Age Bowls Ramp!

Is New Age Boccia Fun?

This is a great game for all and can be played for fun or as a serious competitive sport. Whether your students are looking to enjoy an afternoon playing games or looking to beat their previous high score, this set is ideal for them. Don't be fooled by its relatively simple design, though; the New Age Boccia Set is also an excellent educational tool that teaches students spatial skills, turn-taking, and more.

How Is New Age Boccia Educational?

As mentioned above, New Age Boccia is a great tool in the classroom for both disabled and abled users alike and can teach students a range of different skills, including the following.


This is a skill that's necessary for success in social environments. As this skill doesn't develop naturally in most children and can be extremely difficult to develop in children with autism or other disabilities, playing turn-taking games like boccia can be an excellent way of improving these skills.

Spatial Skills

New Age Boccia is a seated indoor game where players must stay behind a throwing line and keep their feet, chair or wheelchair inside the designated box. This means players must be aware of their own position on the court while they play.

Improves Aim

Whether players throw, toss, push or roll the ball towards its target, boccia is a great game for improving aim and accuracy. As users play the game more, the power behind their throw also improves.

Leadership or Refereeing Skills

Boccia can be an excellent way for students to get experience leading a team or refereeing a match, both of which help improve decision-making and other related skills. This can also help reduce social anxiety and improve verbal communication skills in children who find it difficult speaking or interacting with their peers.

Can I Use The Boccia Set At a School?

New Age Boccia is a wonderful game that can be played in sports clubs, schools and organised events. The included handy carrying case makes the set easy to carry around with you while you're on the go, meaning that whether you're visiting a school or a community hall, you can take the game with you without hassle.

Is the Boccia Set Durable?

When you're working with young children, it's important that activities and games are durable to prevent them from becoming damaged. This New Age Boccia Set is hand stitched and made from synthetic leather filled with plastic pellets. This ensures you and your students can play boccia for many years to come!

The carrying case also naturally protects the boccia balls from any damage. This keeps the set safe even during long journeys.

What Kind of Court Is Required?

While the official boccia court measures 12.5 metres in length by 6 metres wide, any sized space can be used in developmental boccia. Player boxes are where players should remain during gameplay and are 2.5 metres by one metre wide. The players using red boccia balls should play in boxes one, three and five, and those using blue boccia balls should play in boxes two, four and six.

What are the Rules?

Boccia consists of a series of 'ends,' in that players take turns at throwing the target ball (i.e. the jack) at the beginning of the game. When all the balls have been propelled into the court, points are calculated and this is repeated until every player has thrown the jack. The points are added cumulatively across all the 'ends,' at which point the player or team with the most points wins!

The rules are fairly simple and are as follows:

  • Boccia is a seated indoor game. Standing players should use a chair.
  • Unlike other bowls-type games, the player or team furthest away from the jack continues to play until they get closer or all their balls are used.
  • Players must keep their feet, wheelchairs or ramps inside their box and stay behind the throwing line.
  • If the white target ball is knocked out of court during play, it is replaced on the cross and play continues.
  • Boccia can be played between individuals, pairs (i.e. two against two), or in teams (i.e. three versus three). Please note that in recreational play, any number of players can participate on any suitable flat surface.

Technical Specifications

  • Circumference of each ball: 270mm 
  • Weight of each ball: 275g
  • Manufactured to comply with EN 71 (safety requirements for toys)

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Well worth the money so glad I bought this set
Monday, 27 May 2019  | 

I am so happy that I finally found a set of Boccia that I could afford to buy for myself and for groups that I coach. All are good quality although one little boy pointed out that one of the blue balls is slightly lighter blue than the rest. This was the first time that this group had played Boccia and all enjoyed the game so much they are looking forward to the next time I bring my set to play more games.

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Boccia Set
Sunday, 15 January 2017  | 

Very pleased, prompt service and competitively priced.

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