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Function, Perceptual & Cognitive Assessment

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Jamar Pegboard Dexterity Test
  • Provides an easy and accurate way to test dexterity
  • Tests gross movement of hands, fingers and arms
  • Also allows for testing of fingertip dexterity
  • Includes manual, normative data and 25 record blanks

10 Wooden Checkers for the Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test
  • Additional checkers for the Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test
  • Can be used as replacements or additional items
  • The test assesses a broad range of uni-manual hand functions
  • Latex free for reduced irritation 

100 Replacement Pins for the Jamar Finger Dexterity Test
  • Replacement pins for the Jamar Finger Dexterity Test
  • Useful for when some of the pins from the original set get lost
  • The test allows evaluation of rapid manipulation of small parts
  • Suitable for fine motor coordination training

25 Hole Pegboard with Coloured Pegs
  • Great for developing dexterity and hand/eye coordination
  • Includes a 22.5cm square wooden pegboard and 25 pegs
  • Suitable for the Purdue Pegboard Test
  • Latex free for reduced irritation

30 Replacement Pegs for the Jamar Grooved Pegboard
  • Replacement pegs for the Jamar Grooved Pegboard
  • Perfect fit for the 25 holes of the Grooved Pegboard
  • Designed for a challenging dexterity test
  • Requires more complete visual motor co-ordination than most pegboards

Additional Record Forms (100) for the Jamar Manual Dexterity Test
  • There are 100 blank record forms in the package
  • Designed to be used with the Jamar Manual Dexterity Test
  • The test measures eye-hand-coordination and manual dexterity
  • Guarantees clear record of the scores obtained

Assessment Record Forms for Rivermead Perceptual Assessment Battery (Pack of 25)
  • For the Rivermead Perceptual Assessment Battery
  • Record forms to ensure accurate testing
  • Pack of 25 forms for multiple assessments
  • Help understand patient's visual perceptual deficit

Assessment Roeder Aptitude Test
  • Measures dexterity and speed in hand, arm and finger movements
  • Designed for pre-employment screenings
  • Suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults
  • Includes a board with a T-bar, washers, rods, caps and nuts

Bassin Anticipation Timer
  • Advanced anticipation testing
  • Standalone instrument with small portable control panel
  • Assesses human visual acuity relating to hand-eye coordination and anticipation
  • Comes with PsymCon for digital control

Box and Block Test
  • Portable version of the standardised test of manual dexterity
  • Quick and simple to administer
  • Includes 150 2.5cm coloured wooden blocks
  • Comes complete with a box for easy portability and storage

Cognitoys Therapy Set
  • Graded, repetitive exercise great for physical therapy
  • Improves reach and range of motion while sitting or standing
  • Develops co-ordination and strength in upper extremities
  • Versatile for cognitively and physically challenged adults and childrem

Complete Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
  • Complete set to test manual dexterity
  • Contains five tests to judge dexterity progress
  • Tests hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
  • Can be used for a range of reasons including injury rehabilitation

Complete Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test Score Sheets
  • Suitable for use with the Complete Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
  • 50 record sheets for easy scoring
  • Enables progress to be clearly monitored
  • Physical copy of the results and scores obtained

Depth Perception Pegboard Set
  • Stimulates depth perception and hand/eye coordination on two different levels
  • Includes twelve red and nine green 1.3cm diameter pegs
  • Comes with a 28cm square board
  • Latex free for reduced irritation

Disposable Single Use Personal Case for the Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit
  • The case can be used with the Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit
  • Includes an emery board, feather, square of cotton padding, velour and satin 
  • Comes with a toothbrush, a comb and a plastic spoon
  • All packed in a clear plastic box with a snap lock lid

DOTCA-Ch Cognitive Learning Assessment Battery
  • Tests five cognitive areas to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Consists of 22 sub tests based on LOTCA battery
  • Identifies cognitive strengths and deficits
  • For ages 6 to 12 years with special needs

Dynamic LOCTA Geriactric Battery
  • For use as part of an ongoing occupational therapy evaluation.
  • Should be used with clients aged 70 and over.
  • Treatment evaluation and treatment plan for geriatric patients.
  • Consists of 24 sub-tests in 8 cognitive areas.

Dynamic Lotca Geriatric Version
  • Created specifically for clients aged 70 and over
  • Addresses physical and mental factors that accompany ageing
  • Consists of 24 sub-tests in eight cognitive areas
  • Components are larger and require shorter administration time

Grooved Pegboard Test
  • Measures fine motor task performance speed.
  • The pegboard contains twenty-five holes.
  • The pegs must be rotated correctly to be inserted.
  • Equipped with pegs & examiner's manual with norms.

Jamar Finger Dexterity Test
  • Allows evaluation of rapid manipulation of small parts
  • Useful for fine motor coordination training
  • Includes a 28 x 14cm board with 100 holes, suitable to fit 3 pins each
  • Comes with a comprehensive examiner's manual

Jamar Grooved Pegboard
  • A challenging manipulative dexterity test
  • Includes a pegboard with 25 pegs
  • The pegs must be rotated before they can be inserted
  • The pegboard has 25 holes with randomly positioned slots

Jamar Manual Dexterity Test
  • Measures eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity of the arm and hand
  • Designed for the Minnesota Dexterity Test
  • Incorporates two test batteries - Placing and Turning
  • Includes 60 two-coloured wooden cylinders and a plastic board

Jamar Pick Up Test
  • Includes all the basic items to perform the Pick Up Test
  • Evaluates the patient's level of functional sensibility and fine motor skills
  • All objects are made of metal to eliminate differences in temperature/texture
  • Can be used for testing stereognosis as well

Jamar Tweezers Dexterity Test
  • Highly specialised dexterity test that uses tweezers to place the pins in the holes
  • Includes a pegboard with 100 holes, one pair of tweezers and 100 pins
  • Comes with a detailed examiner's manual and data for normal readings
  • Tests precision, finger speed, steadiness, finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination

Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test
  • Seven-part test for evaluating basic hand functions
  • Comes with all the items needed to perform the seven subtests
  • Uses common items, such as paper clips, cans, pencils, etc
  • Latex free for reduced irritation

Lafayette Automatic Scoring Mirror Tracer
  • Tests reversal ability, hand-eye coordination and learning
  • Subject is required to trace the star pattern from its mirror image
  • Easy to operate with clear results
  • Impulse Counter included to record trial data

Lafayette Automatic Tally Maze
  • Suitable for assessment of cognitive function and memory
  • Tallies both number of errors and time taken for completion
  • Designed to entertain and engage the subject
  • Blindfold is not included

Lafayette Groove Type Steadiness Tester
  • Assesses the psychomotor skill of steadiness
  • Can be used to pre-screen employees or assess recovery progress
  • Can also be used to assess progress in recovery from illness or injury
  • Channel width can be adjusted for varying difficulty.

Lafayette Infrared Control System
  • Efficient and reliable apparatus for creating an infrared control system
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Pulse modulated signal is effective for 30 feet, and is not affected by surrounding light conditions
  • Supplied with four 9V batteries

Lafayette Pencil Maze
  • Can be used to study various aspects of the learning process
  • Subject traces the pathway until they reach a certain criterion of proficiency
  • Number of errors per trial and completion time are recorded
  • Test performance illustrates spatial memory processes and problem solving

Lafayette Silent Impulse Counter
  • Provides a visual record of test data
  • Features a feedback tone and indicator light
  • Easy reset and on/off controls
  • Compatible with several Lafayette psychomotor testing products

Lafayette Stability Platform with Digital Control
  • Provides standardised measurement of balancing ability
  • Useful for employment pre-screening and rehabilitation assessment
  • Features high levels of user customisation
  • Rugged design for lasting reliability

Lafayette Tapping Board Test
  • Tests elementary psychomotor skill
  • The subject's task is to tap two fixed square plates at each end of the board
  • Can be connected to an impulse counter to collect data
  • Social facilitation can be demonstrated by testing several subjects

Lafayette Two Arm Coordination Test
  • Motor coordination and learning assessment
  • Ideal for operating, controlling and driving occupations
  • Subject's task is to move the metal pointer around the anodised star pattern
  • Number of errors and time taken for completion can be recorded

Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
  • Measures capacity for simple, rapid eye-hand-finger movement.
  • Can be used for various testing applications.
  • Supplied with a carry case, manual, record blanks, and norms.

MOART Reaction Time Panel With PsymCon Control
  • Advanced reaction time testing apparatus
  • Comes with PsymCon for digital control
  • Random or fixed presentation
  • Can be used for simple tests or for studying cognitive processing with more complex tasks

Modified Bassin Anticipation Timer with Infrared Beam
  • Bassin Anticipation Timer with special modified setup
  • Standalone instrument with small portable control panel
  • Allows anticipation assessment beyond simple push-button testing
  • Control box displays anticipation data in milliseconds

Nine Hole Peg Test for Dexterity Testing
  • Designed to assess finger dexterity and upper extremity function
  • Straightforward and easy to test dexterity on both hands
  • Supplied complete with pegboard, pegs and stopwatch
  • Tests hand/eye coordination and motor coordination

Nine-Hole Wooden Peg Test for Dexterity Testing
  • Great for assessing and improving motor coordination, evaluations and finger dexterity
  • Includes a square 12cm wooden pegboard with nine holes
  • Comes with 6mm pegs
  • Straightforward and easy to test dexterity in both hands

O'Connor Finger Dexterity Test
  • Evaluates rapid manipulation of small objects
  • Suitable for training and assessments
  • Serves as a useful indicator of fine motor skill coordination
  • Comes with a self-contained board with 100 holes that hold three pins each

O'Connor Tweezer Dexterity Test
  • Widely used manual dexterity test
  • Can be used to pre-screen for jobs involving fine motor skills
  • Can also be used by therapists to monitor recovery progress
  • Supplied with examiner's manual to record and evaluate data

Peabody Motor Development Scales 2nd Edition Complete Kit
  • Complete updated assessment and training kit
  • For the development of gross and fine motor skills
  • Suitable for children from birth through to six years
  • Improved edition based on research and feedback

Peabody Motor Development Scales 2nd Edition Record Booklets (Pack of 25)
  • Pack of 25 Examiner Record Booklets
  • For development of gross and fine motor skills
  • Suitable for children from birth through to six years 
  • For in-depth assessment and training/remediation

Peabody Motor Development Scales 2nd Edition Summary Forms (Pack of 25)
  • Helps to record a child's scores
  • For measurement of gross and fine motor skills
  • Suitable for children up to six years of age
  • Provides in-depth assessment and training

PsymCon Control for Psychomotor Devices
  • Digital control panel for Lafayette Psychomotor Devices
  • Expands functionality and streamlines operation
  • Supplied with 10 foot connecting cable
  • Ideal as a spare or replacement controller

Purdue Pegboard Test
  • Can be used for many testing applications.
  • Measures gross movement of hands, fingers, arms & fingertip dexterity.
  • Is used by a variety of professionals.
  • Complete with pins, collars, washers & manual.

Replacement Cylinders for the Jamar Manual Dexterity Test
  • Five replacement cylinders in the package
  • Suitable as replacements for the Jamar Manual Dexterity Test
  • The test measures eye-hand-coordination and manual dexterity
  • Latex free for reduced irritation

Replacement Parts for the Roeder Aptitude Test
  • Replacement parts for the Roeder Aptitude Test
  • Included 45 washers, 25 collars and 55 pins
  • Great in case any of the originals get lost
  • Suitable for pre-employment assessments

Replacement Pegs for the Nine-Hole Wooden Peg Test for Dexterity Testing
  • Replacement pegs for the Nine-Hole Wooden Peg Test
  • The 6mm pegs are made entirely of wood
  • Great for assessing and exercising fine motor skills and finger dexterity
  • Straightforward and easy to test dexterity in both hands

Replacement Pins, Washers and Collars Set for Purdue Pegboard Test
  • Replacement pins, washers and collars
  • For the Purdue Pegboard Test
  • Ensure accurate testing with full set of pins
  • Includes 50 pins, 40 washers and 20 collars

Rivermead Perceptual Assessment Battery
  • Assesses clients visual perceptual deficit prior to therapy.
  • Measures the effects of natural recovery.
  • Includes extensive norm data from age 16 to 97.
  • 25 record forms, layout guide and materials assessment.

Rolyan Complex Form Board
  • Shape board for sensory evaluation and training
  • Provides distinctly different shapes in tactile form
  • Ideal for teaching compensatory techniques for sensory loss
  • Comprised of 12 shapes, each with a different form

Rolyan Multi-Phase Desensitisation Kit
  • Suitable for when normal sensation has been disrupted following trauma or brain injury
  • Consistent, graded stimuli in easy-to-use plastic bins
  • Ten stackable bins with front cut-out design that a seated patient can reach easily
  • Each stimuli or bin can also be purchased individually

Rolyan Sensory Testing Shield
  • Moulded plastic shield for totally occluded vision
  • Ergonomically designed for greater patient comfort
  • Moulded ridge that holds cards during stereognosis and other tests
  • Can be used with the Rolyan Stereognosis Kit

Rolyan Stereognosis Kit
  • The kit includes 17 items and matching cards for evaluating stereognosis
  • The 8 x 13cm cards are laminated for long-term use
  • Each card includes a drawing and the name of the item
  • The names on the cards are available in English and Spanish

Scoring Chart for the Peabody Motor Development Scales 2nd Edition
  • Measures 96.5 x 66cm
  • Includes numerous illustrations
  • Provides reference for the PDMS-2
  • Easy to clean with latex-free materials

Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit
  • Sensory and cognitive therapy tool kit
  • 31 functional, safe materials to stimulate the senses
  • Each activity kit includes four personal cases
  • Sensorimotor assessment procedures

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