Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10
Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10
Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10
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Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10

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  • Life-size human skeleton model for education and demonstrations
  • Ideal for use in schools, hospitals, universities, clinics, and laboratories
  • Incredibly detailed with removable limbs, articulated hands, and individual teeth
  • Provided with a stand on castors for convenient display and easy relocation




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Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10

If you're looking for a highly detailed and practical life-size skeleton model, the Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10 can provide you with the ideal educational and demonstration tool. The robust anatomical model is provided on a stand with castors, ensuring you can easily relocate and display Stan as required.

What's in the Box?

The A10 Skeleton includes the following:

  • 1 x Articulated Skeleton with approximately 200 bones
  • 1 x Set of Locking Pins for full assembly
  • 1 x Metal Stand on a five castor base

What Makes Skeleton Stan So Popular?

The A10 Skeleton Stan has been displayed in hospitals and educational establishments for decades, and there's a whole host of very good reasons for this. To help you decide if Skeleton Stan is the ideal choice for you, we've outlined some of the features and benefits of the skeleton.

  • Realistic life-size human skeleton model with approximately 200 bones
  • Ideal for education and demonstrations in schools, universities, laboratories, hospitals, and clinics
  • Moulded from a natural cast true to the original surface structure and detail
  • Limbs close to genuine limb weight for more realistic education
  • Fully articulated hands to demonstrate realistic hand movements
  • Three-part assembled skull with individually inserted teeth for precise demonstrations
  • Skull is stabilised and held in place with a long pin and two rotating clasps
  • Top of the skull can be removed to view the inside of the cranial cavity
  • Removable mandible with jaw mounted on springs to enable natural jaw movement
  • Naturally shaped eye sockets with included optic canal
  • Ribcage wired securely and supplied pre-assembled with the torso
  • Joints are made of stainless steel for reliable use during demonstrations
  • Mounted with an elastic cord to facilitate natural movement
  • Provided on a metal stand with coasters for convenient display and easier relocation
  • No tools required – arms, legs, and skull easily removed and reattached with locking pins

Skeleton Stan Is A Great Educational Aid
Highly detailed Skeleton Stan is a life-size
model ideal for education and demonstrations

Is Skeleton Stan a Life-Size Skeleton Model?

Skeleton Stan is a life-size anatomical skeleton model with approximately 200 bones. The skeleton is 176.5cm tall and depicts an adult male.

Who Can Benefit from Stan the Skeleton?

Due to its great detail and robust construction, Skeleton Stan can be utilised in a wide variety of situations. Suitable environments that can benefit from Skeleton Stan include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Clinics: Physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics can utilise Stan to demonstrate problem areas and movements for clients
  • Hospitals: The life-size skeleton can provide an educational aid for patients as well as a fun sight for children
  • Laboratories: Stan is constructed as a life-size skeleton for accurate representation in medical environments
  • Schools: Lessons become more engaging for pupils when Stan creates an interactive element
  • Universities: Medical students can gain more detailed insight to accompany textbook learning

Skeleton Stan is a great addition to any classroom, learning establishment, or medical training facility. With great detail and movement, Stan can help to bring education to life.

How Realistic Is Skeleton Stan?

Skeleton Stan is incredibly realistic, as it has been moulded from a natural cast that remains true to the original detail and surface structure. The limbs are also close to the genuine limb weight to facilitate more realistic learning and the skeleton is life-size.

How Detailed Is the Skull on Skeleton Stan?

The skull features a high level of detail, comprising three parts. The skull features naturally shaped eye sockets with included optic canal, and, once the top of the skull has been removed, the inside of the skull displays the cranial cavity.

The jaw is mounted on springs to enable natural jaw movement, and features a removable mandible for close-up demonstrations. The teeth are individually inserted for more precise demonstrations.

Skeleton Stan's Skull Detail
Skeleton Stan features great facial and
skull detail with individually placed teeth

How Articulated Is Skeleton Stan?

Mounted with an elastic cord, Skeleton Stan facilitates the demonstration of natural movement. The skull, arms, and legs can be detached from the main body, and the hands are fully articulated to demonstrate realistic hand movements.

How Sturdy Is the Skeleton Stan Model?

Skeleton Stan has been designed to remain robust and sturdy. The skull is stabilised and held in place with a long pin and two rotating clasps, and the ribcage is wired securely and supplied pre-assembled with the torso.

The joints are made from stainless steel for reliable use during demonstrations. The limbs are constructed from a durable and virtually unbreakable synthetic material for reliable use over time.

Sturdy Skeleton Stan Held With Pins
Skeleton Stan remains sturdy with locking
pins - no tools required for assembly!


How Easy Is It to Set Up Skeleton Stan?

No tools are required for setting up Skeleton Stan, and therefore he can be set up quickly and easily. The arms, legs, and skull are all easily attached and reattached with locking pins, which screw in place by twisting them with your fingers.

All you have to do to is screw the lower leg and upper leg together with the supplied 'quick screws' (no tools required!) and attach these to the pelvis. Then you just need to attach the arms to the shoulders, pop the skull on, and finally mount the skeleton on the stand. Please see the PDF below for more information about how to assemble your Skeleton Stan.

Skeleton Stan A10 Instructions
A10 Skeleton Stan Instructions

Is the Stand Provided with Skeleton Stan?

The metal stand is provided with the A10 Skeleton Stan. This includes five coasters to enable convenient relocation of Stan for demonstrations in various classrooms, while the metal stand itself provides a convenient display for Stan both during and after use.

What Materials Is Stan the Skeleton Made From?

he Stan Skeleton life-size skeleton model is made from a durable synthetic material. The limbs have been designed to be virtually unbreakable, ensuring you can continue to benefit from Stan for as long as possible.

How Much Does Skeleton Stan Weigh?

Skeleton Stan weighs 9.54kg. Each limb is incredibly close in weight to the genuine human limb counterpart.

Skeleton Stan Limbs Weigh Close To Actual Human Limbs
Each of Stan's bones are close in weight
to its genuine human limb counterpart


Can I Buy Replacement Parts for My Skeleton Stan?

Apart from replacement teeth, most of Skeleton Stan can be purchased as individual replacement parts. Please see below for a list of the available replacement parts:

Where Can I Find Out More About the Anatomical Skeleton Stan?

If you'd like to find out more about Skeleton Stan, please see the video below. You can see Skeleton Stan up close, and view his removable limbs more detail.

Technical Specifications for Skeleton Stan

  • Skeleton Stan Weight: 9.54kg (13kg when packed)
  • Skeleton Stan Height: 176.5cm
  • Packaging Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 29cm
  • Manufactured in Germany

Delivery Information

The Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10 is usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days of ordering via UPS courier.

If you would like up to the minute delivery and tracking information for your order, please contact the Health and Care Customer Care Team by telephone on 020 7720 2266. We look forward to helping you with your enquiry.

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Great product
Tuesday, 5 January 2021  | 

Great product bought for my daughter, studying Anatomy well packaged easy to assemble arrived in time for Christmas she’s delighted with it.

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Anatomical model skeleton
Thursday, 5 October 2017  | 

I brought the Anatomical Stan to aid my studies during my Biomedical Science degree, in order to gain a further understanding of human anatomy. The product is of very high quality and would highly recommend.

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4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Anatomical skeleton
Thursday, 20 October 2016  | 

First rate quality and delivery was very prompt, all in all I can recommend this company without reserve.

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Great Delivery
Monday, 8 February 2016  | 

Stan was a birthday gift for my student son who lives away from home. Health and Care were great in helping Stan arrive on the right day at the right time. Whilst I haven't actually met Stan yet, my son is very happy!

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20 of 20 people found this review helpful.

great service
Saturday, 12 September 2015  | 

speedy delivery and good quality product

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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