3/4 Max Cushion Women's Orthosole Insole
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3/4 Max Cushion Women's Orthosole Insole

  • 3/4 length customiseable insoles
  • Alternate arch and metatarsal support pads
  • Configue for optimal comfort
  • Unquie support for feet,body and sporting activities


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In stock now

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3/4 Max Cushion Women's Orthosole Insole


The 3/4 Max Cushion Women's Orthosole Insoles are completely customisable insoles. Each insole comes with alternate arch and metatarsal support pads that can be altered to achieve a customer fit. The 3/4 Max Cushion Women's Orthosole Insoles come with removable pads providing 6 different support combinations enabling the wearer to completely customise the insole. OrthoSoles are designed to accommodate a specific type of foot and body and it is the only insole on the market with customizable arch and metatarsal supports.
OrthoSole Insoles provide the ideal level of support under the foot, improving the body’s balance and alignment and better weight distribution. This stable base helps reduce body aches and pains to helps aids better performance in physical activity.


 Features and Benefits of the 3/4 Max Cushion Women's Orthole Insole

  • 3/4 length
  • Completely customisable insoles
  • 6 different support combinations in one insole
  • Each insole contains 3 arch pads and 2 metatarsal pads
  • Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot
  • Helps stabilise ankle joints during foot strike
  • Provides support, control and alignment to the foot and body

The Orthosole FIT Advantage

With the Max Cushion Orthosole Insole there are two kinds of adjustment for a perfect fit, MICRO ADJUSTMENTS and MACRO ADJUSTMENTS:

Micro Adjustments: Micro Adjustments are achieved through Orthosole's exclusive heat and pressure-sensitive PORON Urethane layer. Relief of foot pressure points to make feet, legs and body feel great. Conforms to the shape of the foot for a personalised fit.

Macro Adjustments: Macro Adjustments are achieved through Orthsole's Adjustable Support System using the Arch Pad and Metatarsal Pad:

    • Arch Pad: Provides support,control and alignment of your foot and body for better biomechanical performance
    • Metatarsal Pad: Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot, reducing impact, stress and body pain


Image shown above is for the men's version. In the women's insole the pads are 3 different shades of pink.

Orthosole - Innovation in Insoles

The Max Cushion Women's Orthosole Insole contains 7 layers to make up the Insole:

Top Cover:  Moisture wicking nylon fibres keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable. Abrasion resistant for longer insole life. Antimicrobial for fighting foot odour and helping prevent bacterial fungus and growth.

Poron Urethane: Heat and pressure sensitive layer conforms to the shape of the foot. Optimises distribution of weight to prevent pressure concentrations in weight bearing areas of the foot.

Eva: Ultra-light foam for superior cushioning while walking and running

Heel Chasis: Thermoplastic component that helps stabilise the ankle joints during foot strike. Properly guides the foot during every ground contact from heel to toe.

Gel Heel Insert: Eases impact during heel strike while walking and running

Eva Arch Pad: Provides support, control and alignment for the foot and body

Eva Metatarsal Pads: Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot.




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