Swedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Support
Swedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot SupportSwedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot SupportSwedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot SupportSwedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Support
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Swedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Support

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  • Durable AFO to support the foot and provide a natural gait
  • For flaccid foot drop after neurological impairment
  • Touch and close fastening for easy application
  • Heat mouldable, easily trimmed to fit in shoes
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(£29.99 Exc. VAT)

Spare Liner Pad

The Swedish AFO is supplied with one calf liner pad. If you would like to purchase a spare calf pad, you can select one by ticking the box below.

Swedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Support

'Drop foot' is all too common, particularly if you're suffering from a neurological impairment. If you're tired of dragging your foot behind you while you walk and want to correct your gait, the Swedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Support is an excellent solution, as it's modestly sized to provide minimal discomfort and uses a spring effect to stabilise the entire joint to let you walk in the most natural manner possible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to provide comfortable support to those with drop foot
  • Made with lightweight carbon fibre and reinforced plastic for durability and spring
  • Materials provide a spring on the upstep to support a more natural gait
  • Footplate is easily trimmed for the best fit possible
  • Extremely easy to apply and remove for improved compliance
  • Included carbon fibre improves 'memory' of the brace for better assistance
  • Open-heel design allows the AFO to fit easily into most footwear
  • Provides excellent assistance for improving dorsiflexion
  • Supplied with an easily attachable instep strap
  • Foot strap helps prevent migration

Which Conditions is This Support Designed For?

The Swedish Extra Strong Foot Drop Foot Support is effective for the following conditions:

  • Drop foot / drag foot
  • Flaccid foot drop after neurological impairment
  • Moderate spastic equinus foot
  • Weak ankles

Which Size Do I Need?

The Swedish AFO Ankle and Foot Support is available in four sizes. Please refer to our sizing table below for more information, paying attention to the 'Support Height' as well as your 'Foot Length' to ensure the support will fit comfortably beneath your knee. If your foot length falls within two sizes, it is advised that you select the larger size as the AFO can be trimmed down.

Size Foot Length (cm) Support Height (cm)
Small 22 - 24.5cm (UK Size 3 - 5.5) 28cm
Medium 25 - 27.5cm (UK Size 6.5 - 9.5) 29cm
Large 26 - 28cm (UK Size 8 - 10) 34cm
Extra Large Over 28cm (UK Size 10.5+) 39cm

Please note that the UK shoe sizes listed above are for reference only, and the 'foot length' measurement is a more precise fitting metric.

Does My Leg Circumference Matter?

The Swedish Extra Strong AFO features a strap design that allows for easy adjustment. Due to this fact, it should be suitable for most users.

Will The Swedish AFO Fit In My Shoe?

The Swedish AFO is suitable for use with most kinds of footwear, from trainers, to boots, to slippers. The open heel makes it highly versatile, allowing it to fit into the vast majority of footwear with ease.

How Durable is The Swedish AFO?

As the name suggests, this Swedish AFO is extra strong. It's made with carbon fibre, providing a good deal of rigidity and strength while still retaining the 'spring' needed to provide a comfortable and natural gait.

Can I Trim This Support?

Yes, you can trim the Swedish AFO to ensure it fits comfortably into your footwear. This can be done with heavy-duty scissors, and is easiest when done in conjunction with a heat moulding device or hair dryer to soften the material before cutting. Please exercise caution when trimming your AFO, as it cannot be returned once trimmed.

Is This AFO Better Than a Plastic Support?

While most braces for foot drop are made of plastic, this support is manufactured with carbon fibre and reinforced plastic. These materials make this drop foot support stronger than other similar versions, and provide it with slightly more spring to provide a more natural walking pattern.

Is This Support Comfortable?

The Swedish AFO Extra Strong Support features an open heel to fit into most shoes easily. The design of this 'foot up splint' has been updated recently to improve its strength while remaining light. Constructed with calf padding, the support helps prevent unpleasant pressure from building so you remain at ease throughout use.

Will the Swedish AFO Get Hot in the Summer?

Compared to similar supports, this AFO is made with a lower profile and breathable design. This will help to keep it cool in the summer, and will minimise the chance of overheating.

Is The Swedish AFO Discreet?

This support is made with a relatively slim design, meaning it will be discreet when worn with most clothing. When wearing business attire, a black support may be more discreet, in which case the Swedish AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis may be a suitable choice, though it doesn't feature the same strength as the Extra Strong version.

Is This Support Available in Black?

Unfortunately, this specific support is not available in black or any additional colours. If you would prefer a black splint, consider the Swedish AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis, which is a similar product available in either black or white.

Is the Swedish AFO Supplied with a Liner Pad?

Yes, the Swedish AFO Extra Strong is supplied with a foam padded calf liner pad. You can purchase an additional liner by ticking the box under the heading "Spare Liner Pad" near the top of the page. You can also purchase a Pack of Three Replacement Liners at a reduced cost per pad.

Will I Be Able to Walk Comfortably With the Swedish AFO?

The spring effect that this support provides helps to stabilise your joint, providing a slight assistance when lifting off for each step. This results in a smoother and much more natural gait that makes walking more comfortable for the user.

Is This Item Available with VAT Relief?

Yes, this product is eligible for VAT relief. If you are eligible to claim relief from VAT, you can complete the self-certification form available on our VAT Relief page, where more information on the subject is available.

How Do I Fit the Swedish AFO?

Where necessary, the AFO Foot and Ankle Support can be trimmed at the end of the foot section with scissors so it fits you as closely as possible. The edges can be rolled with sandpaper to ensure no sharp elements are left that may catch on the shoe or skin. Where necessary, the AFO can be thermoformed to ensure that it fits and conforms perfectly to the leg.

Next, perform the following actions to fit the support to your foot and ankle:

  1. Insert the AFO into the shoe
  2. Put the shoe on with the AFO already inserted
  3. Fasten the pad on the calf
  4. Pull the Velcro strap around the calf
  5. Where necessary, use the included foot strap to secure the support

Can I Wash This Support?

Hand wash the calf pad in lukewarm water (30°C) with neutral soap, then rinse thoroughly and dry away from heat. When you wash the plastic section of the AFO, simply wipe with a sponge soaked in a solution of warm water and neutral detergent, then dry it with a cloth.

VAT Relief

This product is eligible for VAT relief. Please visit our VAT relief page for more information by clicking on the link below.

Health and Care VAT Relief Page

Make sure that any pressure exercised by the device does not involve parts of the body with wounds, swelling or enlargements. In case of any doubt about the method of application, please contact an orthopaedic expert. Do not wear the device near open flames.

The AFO brace should be prescribed and used under medical control and applied by an orthopaedic expert, who is the person of reference for application and any information regarding the safe use of this product relative to personal needs. To ensure effectiveness, tolerability and correct function, the device should be applied with utmost care. Any structural alteration or adjustment must be prescribed by a physician and made by an orthopaedic expert.

The device should be used by one patient only. For patients with very sensitive skin, direct contact may cause reddening or irritation. If there is any pain, swelling, enlargement or any abnormal reaction, please contact your doctor immediately.

If you require any further information about the Swedish AFO Carbon Fibre Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Orthosis, please contact our customer care team. We're happy to assist you!

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Swedish AFO Extra Strong Foot Drop Ankle and Foot Support
Sunday, 9 February 2020  | 

This item was ordered late afternoon and was delivered the afternoon of the next day. I was really impressed with how quickly the order was processed and the speed of delivery. The foot support fitted all of my shoes and boots with no alterations necessary. I am still waiting (over 8 weeks later) for a NHS Orthotics appointment and in the meantime the support along with a couple of weeks of physiotherapy has got me back to work on a staged return. An excellent buy.

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AFS foot support
Thursday, 6 February 2020  | 

Excellent product. Very comfortable with excellent support for drop foot. It doesn't rub on the heel like some cheaper ones and is easily trimmed to suit the individual. Delivery was quick.

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Foot drop ankle support
Friday, 20 September 2019  | 

Great from start to finish easy website goods delivered on time will definitely use again.

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This review has not been appraised.

Good support
Friday, 6 September 2019  | 

It has certainly assisted my walking. Although a little apprehensive at first and it can take a little getting used to it stops the drop that often resulted in a trip. It needs to be used with well fitting shoes and will not be suitable for all types of shoe but I find lace up shoes are best.
If you need to cut the sole plate to fit fit (as I did) warming the sole by hot air from a hair dryer first makes it easier to shape and cut.

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Finest piece of equipment
Friday, 3 May 2019  | 

Many thanks for supplying the foot support I can now walk without falling or tripping

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