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Fleece Heel Protectors

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Fleece Pressure Relief Open Slippers
  • Thick lambswool heel protecting slippers
  • Adds comfort and protection to heels, ankles and feet
  • Ideal for nursing homes or extended hospital stays
  • Two soft and adjustable straps for extra comfort

Real Sheepskin Heel Protectors (Pair)
  • Pressure relieving real sheepskin heel protectors
  • Superbly soft pressure distributing natural material
  • Supplied in pairs with Velcro straps for easy application
  • Dark in colour for discreet wound risk management

Slippy Heel Protectors with Lambswool (Pair)
  • Lamsbwool heel protectors for bed sores
  • Suitable for offering pressure relief for heels in bed
  • One-size fits all for most users
  • Machine washable for maintaining hygiene and long-lasting use

Fleece Open Toe Slipper Booties
  • Open toe style booties;
  • Protects the foot and ankle;
  • Made in deep pile wool/polyester fleece;
  • Can be molded around an inflexible ankle.

Heel Pressure Relief Fleece Protectors (Pair)
  • Wool pile heel protectors
  • Add comfort and protection to heels
  • Soft strap for extra comfort
  • Supplied in a pair

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items