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Finger Splints for Arthritis

Our range of Finger Splints for Arthritis are ideal for helping to relieve symptoms of arthritic fingers. The right arthritis finger splint stabilises the joint to help you to carry out your daily tasks, while also helping to realign or straighten your finger to make gripping objects easier. At Health and Care, we offer free UK delivery on all orders.

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Oval-8 Finger Splint
  • Finger split for correcting mallet, boutonniere and swan neck deformities
  • Designed to stabilise and immobilise your small finger joint
  • Plastic multi-purpose finger splint that can be used either way up
  • Wide, flat band offers comfortable pressure distribution and control

Oppo Finger/Thumb Splint
  • Aluminium splint for use on finger or thumb
  • Holds fingers at an exact degree of flexion or extension
  • Provides firm support and stabilises phalangeal joints in position 
  • For finger fractures, ligament strain, finger deformity, and arthritis

Page 1 of 1:    2 Items