FarrowMed Lite Armpiece
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FarrowMed Lite Armpiece

  • "Off-the-Shelf" fit so no modifications necessary
  • Simple but effective control of swelling
  • Easy to put on with one hand
  • Light and comfortable
£239.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£199.99 Exc. VAT)

FarrowMed Lite Off-The-Shelf Armpiece

This FarrowMed Lite Off-the-Shelf Armpiece provides comfort and support while helping to control swelling.

Features of the Lite Off-the-Shelf Armpiece

The Lite Armpiece is ideal to control swelling while providing comfort and support at the same time. It consists of one layer of material which makes it light and comfortable to wear rather than being restrictive on the limb.

The lightness of the material makes it easy to put on or take off with one hand, meaning the wearer is able to position the Armpiece without needing outside help. This makes it convenient - even if you end up on your own, you are still able to secure the Armpiece and ensure you have the support and protection it offers.

The one layer of material makes it ideal for a short lifespan of use. The material is robust and strong, but the performance is ideal over one use rather than continuous use. Over-using the product risks undermining the support it offers.

The material and fit of the Armpiece makes it an effective way of controlling swelling.

Design of the Lite Off the Shelf Armpiece.

The Lite Off the Shelf Armpiece comes with the following options:

Colour Arm Size Length
Black Left Small Short
Tan Right Medium Regular
    Large Long

Despite being an "Off-the-Shelf" size, these measurements ensure you can find the right fit for your own comfort and use.

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