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Evacuation Stretchers

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Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher
  • Stretcher for horizontal and vertical rescues
  • Suitable for confined spaces and helicopter rescue
  • Series of colour-coded straps for secure use
  • Easy to store and transport as needed

S-CAPEKIDS Baby Evacuation Mattress
  • Evacuation mattress designed to evacuate newborns, toddlers and babies
  • Ideal for use in maternity wards or childcare centres
  • Allows a single carer to safely evacuate four babies
  • Helps ensure you can get children up or downstairs safely

Storage Cabinet for the S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress
  • Storage Cabinet for S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress
  • Enables the Evacuation Mattress to be conveniently positioned for accessibility
  • Helps protect the Evacuation Mattress when not in use
  • Helps evacuate immobile patients in emergencies

Safety First Aid Economy Basket Stretcher
  • Evacuation stretcher particularly suited to unusual rescue situations
  • Comes with patient restraining straps to hold the casualty securely in place
  • Made with a high density polythene shell and a stainless steel outer frame
  • Can be used to carry loads up to 272kg

S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge
  • Evacuation sledge for bariatric patients up to 300kg
  • Designed for safer evacuation during emergencies
  • Easy to store and quick to deploy for convenience
  • Extra abdominal belts provide improved security

S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress
  • Helps evacuate immobile patients in emergencies
  • Fire-retardant sheet for improved safety during evacuations
  • Anti-bacterial finish providing increased hygiene
  • PVC-coated polyester wall cover for convenient storage

Safety First Aid Neil Robertson Type Stretcher
  • Flexible, heavy-duty evacuation stretcher suitable for use in any orientation
  • Wraps around the patient and provides strong head support
  • Splice ram-in slats with tough, rot proof cotton cover
  • Comes with four heavy duty carry handles

Evacusafe EvacMAT Sliding Evacuation Stretcher
  • Lightweight and flexible sliding stretcher
  • Designed for evacuating immobile individuals
  • Quick and easy to use with colour-coded straps
  • Heavy-duty and flame-retardant wipe-clean materials

S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sledge for Bedridden Patients
  • Evacuation sheet to rescue bedridden patients in emergencies
  • For use with all types of static and dynamic pressure care mattresses
  • Fire-retardant and antibacterial for hygiene and safety
  • Stores conveniently under the mattress for quick deployment

Safety First Aid Plastic Backboard
  • Plastic backboard with straps to restrain and immobilise injured patients
  • Lightweight yet rugged construction
  • Twelve large hand holds for easy handling
  • X-ray translucent to enable quick diagnosis

Wall Cover for the S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress
  • Wall cover for S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress
  • Attaches to wall in a convenient location for accessibility
  • Helps protect the Evacuation Mattress when not in use
  • Helps evacuate immobile patients in emergencies

Etac Immedia Rescue Evacuation Transfer Sheet (Extra Wide)
  • Evacuation patient transfer sheet
  • Ideal for quickly transferring patients in emergency
  • Maximum user weight of 150kg
  • Sized 84 x 200cm (width x length)

Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge
  • Evacuation sledge to transport immobile patients in emergencies
  • Ideal for use in care homes, hospitals and residential care
  • Chest and leg straps help to secure the patient during transfers
  • Supplied in a compact wall-mountable bag for ease of access

MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet
  • Emergency evacuation sheet for quick and safe patient transit
  • Especially suited to hospitals, hospices and nursing homes
  • Heavy-duty fastening straps ensure patient safety at all times
  • Can be successfully operated with as little as two people

Page 1 of 1:    14 Items