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Etac Molifts

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Etac Molift Quick Raiser 2
  • Stable and easy to maneuver;
  • Good turning radius;
  • Low base fits under most beds and chairs.   

Etac Molift Smart 150
  • Easily wheeled and transported;
  • Distributes weight evenly;
  • Easy to maneuver in narrow spaces.

Etac Molift Quick Raiser 1
  • Compact design with excellent maneuverability;
  • Great stability;
  • Perfect weight distribution.   

Etac Molift Mover 180
  • Lightweight alloy construction;
  • Can be used with a 2 or 4 point suspension;
  • Unique push bar. 

Etac Smart 150 Travel Suitcase for Hoist and Sling
  • Robust travel suitcase with wheels and handle
  • Ideal for transfers in hospitals & carehomes
  • Specifically designed for transferring the Etac Molift Smart 150
  • TSA approved for air travel and ideal for the client with an active life

Hand Control for the Etac Molift Smart 150
  • Hand control for the Etac Molift Smart 150
  • Helps with operation of the hoist
  • Provides the same performance as your original
  • Ideal as a spare or replacement part

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items