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Ergonomic Chairs

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Medi-Plinth Ergo Deluxe Chair
  • Integrated multi-positional lumbar support to promote good posture
  • Alleviates fatigue, improves productivity
  • Ergonomically-shaped drop-down PU-padded armrests for arm support and comfort
  • Self-adjusting headrest for ideal head support

Medi-Plinth Ergo Chair
  • Designed for comfort and ergonomic relief
  • Promotes good posture, alleviates fatigue, improves productivity
  • Ergonomically-shaped armrests for arm and wrist support
  • Variable height and tilt to meet user positional needs

Sissel Posture Support Saddle Stool
  • Saddle stool to provide relief from back pain
  • Encourages natural correct posture
  • Reduces strain on the spine
  • Height adjustable for suitability for more users

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items