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Medpage Ultra Sensitive Children's Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm MP5-UT
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Medpage Ultra Sensitive Children's Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm MP5-UT

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  • Alarm monitor to detect epileptic seizures in bed
  • Ideal for all ages – babies through to adults
  • Alarm delay to eliminate false alarms due to normal movements
  • Sends an alert to parents and carers via two included radio pagers


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In stock now

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Multi-Channel System

If you'd like to use up to five alarm monitors together, select the Multi-Channel Call Station with the tick box below.

Medpage Ultra Sensitive Children's Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm MP5-UT

When a child or adult suffers an epileptic seizure in bed, it's crucial a reliable alarm monitor is in place to detect the seizure and quickly alert parents, loved ones or carers. The Medpage Ultra Sensitive Children's Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm MP5-UT accurately detects typical seizure movements and vocalisations using a monitor and connected bed mat, and instantly alerts carers using one of the two included radio pagers when epileptic movements are detected.

What's Included?

The Medpage MP5-UT includes everything needed for quick setup in minutes. This includes:

  • 1 x Seizure monitor unit with sensor fitted (with connected mains power adaptor)
  • 2 x Radio pager
  • 4 x AA batteries (installed in the pagers)
  • 1 x Bed sensor mat
  • 1 x User instruction booklet

How Does the Medpage Seizure Detector Work?

This monitor uses a sensitive bed mat and vocalisation monitor to detect typical movements and sounds resulting from epileptic nocturnal tonic/clonic seizures, and then instantly alerts parents or caregivers via a pager. All aspects of the monitor are adjustable, allowing each user to tailor alert thresholds based on duration and intensity of seizure movements.

Which Settings Can Be Adjusted?

While most users will be able to use the MP5-UT without adjustment, all aspects of its seizure detection can be adjusted to suit your needs. The three adjustable dials are used to control the following:

  • Bed Sensor - Controls the intensity of movement needed to trigger the alarm
  • Microphone - Controls how loud a sound must be to trigger the alarm
  • Delay - Controls the duration of movement that will trigger the alarm

Can I Use the Medpage Seizure Monitor Straight Out of the Box?

Yes, all Medpage monitors are designed to be suitable for use straight out of the box, with batteries pre-installed. This allows the monitor to be ready when you need it, and minimises hassle in the setup process.

Where Should the Monitor Unit Be Placed?

The monitor unit itself is best placed in a safe place next to the bed. It attaches to the bed sensor mat using a removable lead, allowing you to unplug the lead in order to feed it through any bedposts or awkward areas.

Where Should the Bed Sensor Mat Be Positioned?

This super-sensitive sensor is to be positioned under the bed or cot mattress, where it continually detects body movements from a sleeping child or other user. The sensor should be placed so that the user will cover the maximum amount of the mat while sleeping, making the waist-torso area the best choice. The large sensor is designed for improved movement detection, allowing it to detect nearly all seizure-related movements.

How Does This Monitor Eliminate False Alarms?

Normal movements such as rolling over and turning in the night are common, so it's important that this monitor has measures in place to prevent false positives. The digital alarm delay control allows the user to set thresholds for movement detection, ensuring small, short movements do not trigger an alarm. It's worth noting that having your settings adjusted to 'Max' will increase your risk of false alarms being triggered.

Will it Work in a Power Failure?

It's crucial that a power failure doesn't get in the way of your loved one's safety, which is why the MP5-UT is equipped with a 12-hour battery backup. It includes a pre-installed battery in the monitor that is automatically charged when the unit is plugged in to mains power, ensuring you have peace of mind whether the power is working or not.

Is it Easy to Set Up?

For the majority of users, setup will be instant and no adjustments will need to be made to settings. When installing your unit, consult the included user instruction manual and turn to the section titled 'Setup Mode'.

What Does the Delay Dial Do?

The delay dial on the Medpage monitor is there to reduce false alarms by adjusting the movement thresholds that will trigger an alert. For example, the average person would require a 15 second delay, meaning that at least 15 seconds of movement must be detected before the alarm is triggered. This will allow the user to make normal movements in bed such as turning over or shifting without setting off the alarm.

Which Beds Is This Seizure Monitor Suitable For?

This monitor is highly versatile, and is suitable for use with most beds and mattresses, including memory foam mattresses. It is suitable for cots and cribs, as well as single and double beds.

How Can I Clean the Medpage Seizure Monitor?

After repeated use, the Medpage Epileptic Movement Detector may require decontamination. The sensor and main console can be disinfected by wiping with a cloth that is permeated with normal dilutions of sodium hydrochloride (1PPT). These items can also be cleaned using standard alcohol wipes.

How Long Is the Monitor Lead?

The lead that connects the monitor to the bed sensor is 3 metres long. This provides enough space to safely connect the two while avoiding tautness or tension.

How Does the Sensor Detect Movement?

The detected movements are analysed by computer software that differentiates usual sleeping movement from typical seizure movement. If continuous seizure activity is detected, it generates an alarm that is transmitted to a radio pager to warn the parents or carer of an ongoing seizure.

Can I Use Multiple Monitors Together?

Yes, the included pagers feature two-channel identification, allowing them to be used with two sensors at once. If you'd like to use up to five sensors at once, the Multi-Channel Wireless Alarm Call Station is available, featuring a colour-coding system that allows five monitors to trigger different colours in tandem with the audible alert for easy identification.

The Multi-Channel Call Station can be added to your order by selecting the tick box near the top of the page. Alternatively, you can purchase this same system with the Multi-Channel Call Station included in place of the two radio pagers as the Medpage MP5-UTB EPilepsy Bed Movement Seizure Alarm System.

Will the Ultra-Sensitive Seizure Detector Work in My House?

For certain properties, such as older houses with thicker walls, you may find that the range of your MPPL device is reduced. To counter this, we recommend using the MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster, which can be used to expand the operating range of your product.

Why Should I Trust Medpage Monitors?

When it comes to the wellbeing of your child or loved one, you need to be sure you can trust the equipment you're using to ascertain their safety. This Medpage seizure detection system has been used by parents and carers for over 20 years, helping to ensure everyone involved gets a good night's sleep knowing that they'll be alerted as soon as a seizure begins. Easy to set up and reliable in use, the Medpage MP5-UT is at the top of the class in terms of seizure detection.

What Other Epilepsy and Seizure-Detection Systems are Available?

At Health and Care, we stock a wide range of equipment to detect seizures and help to ensure the safety of children and adults with epilepsy. You can browse our entire range in our Epilepsy Alarms & Epilepsy Monitors category.

Key Features

  • Detects movements resulting from epileptic nocturnal tonic/clonic seizures
  • Sensitive to minute prolonged movements from children
  • Large-area patented monitoring sensor technology for improved seizure movement detection
  • Suitable for cots and cribs with memory foam mattresses, as well as single and double beds
  • Features digital sensitivity control for the bed sensor and a vocalisation microphone
  • Digital alarm delay control virtually eliminates false alarms by ignoring natural sleep movements
  • Detected seizures are notified to carer via two radio pagers
  • Monitor powered by mains power adaptor with 12-hour battery backup
  • Pagers provide two-channel identification when used with two seizure monitors
  • Ideal for dual patient monitoring at home, hospital or care home to identify active seizure alarm
  • Tamper proof settings, monitored connections, fault reporting to pagers
  • Supplied with a three year warranty (no maintenance or servicing required)

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor dimensions (LxWxH): 300 x 200 x 10mm
  • Pager dimensions (LxWxH): 150 x 105 x 45mm
  • Interconnecting lead: 3m
  • Pagers powered by 2 x AA batteries
  • Radio frequency: 433MHz
  • Monitor transmitter range: 120m (line of sight)

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Excellent product
Sunday, 23 September 2018  | 

Very sensitive mat my 9 month old only needs to turn over and it picks it up, you just set it to how sensitive you want it, very fast delivery would highly recommend.

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