USPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat
USPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet SeatUSPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet SeatUSPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat
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USPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat

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  • Bidet toilet seat for advanced, elegant and luxurious hygiene
  • Provides efficient posterior and feminine cleansing
  • Cleanses and dries you for complete hygiene
  • Adjustable water pressure, temperature and heated seat


Dispatched in 1-3 days  

Dispatched in 1-3 days

£939.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£783.33 Exc. VAT)

USPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat

Those who have experienced the luxury and cleanliness of a bidet-style toilet often find conventional toilets and seats lacking, but finding an affordable and high quality option can be difficult. The USPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat meets both these demands in spades, providing you with the ultimate in luxury, hygiene and comfort at an affordable price.

What Does the UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat Do?

Made from germ-resistant plastic for maximum hygiene, this seat features a variable aerated spray with five settings and an adjustable wand for versatile posterior and feminine cleansing. Equipped with a choice of continuous or variable flow, IIP (Intensive Impulse Pulsation), and three different water temperature settings, you will not find better cleansing action on the market. What's more, it includes a warm air dryer that can be automatically activated after cleansing, with five temperature levels of its own for unrivalled customisation.

Are There Any Installation Requirements?

The USPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat has the following requirements to function:

  • A fully compliant power source to the seat (in the UK to BS7671) and located within 1.5m of centre line of toilet (240V 50Hz 1.7Kw max), preferably located on the right facing pan
  • A mains water supply of between 0.07 Mpa (0.7 bar) and 0.74 Mpa (7.4 bar) pressure. The inlet for the seat water supply is on the left facing toilet pan
  • For more information about installation, see the video below:

How Is the USPA UB 7235U Different from the USPA UB 7035U Toilet Seat?

The UB 7235U and the UB 7035U are similar most respects. The only difference is that the USPA UB 7035U Toilet Seat includes a remote control, while this UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat doesn't. Please consult the table below to view a complete list of features for both seats:

Function UB-7235 UB-7035
Posterior Cleansing
Bidet Cleansing
Twin Nozzles
Intensive Impulse Pulsation (IIP)
Children's Function
Automatic Cleansing Function
Massage Function
Aerated Water Spray
Self-Cleaning Nozzle
Occupied Seat Sensor
Screen Filter
Heated Seat
Soft Closing Seat and Lid
Removable Lid
Power Saving Function
Temperature Adjustment
Water Pressure Adjustment
Nozzle Adjustment
Swinging Movement
Warm Air Dry
Instant Continuous Hot Water
Remote Control

How Do I Know the UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat Will Fit My Toilet?

The toilet dimensions must be within those shown in the diagram below. Do not install this seat on a toilet that does not meet those dimensional requirements.


To make things even easier for you, you can use the template linked below. The template consists of six A4 sheets of paper which can be downloaded and then sellotaped together to form a full-size template. This can then be laid on your toilet bowl to assess the size and fit of the seat.

Fitting Template
Download the template

Does the UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat Both Clean and Dry You?

Yes, the USPA UB 7235U is a wash and dry toilet. This means that it washes and then dries your bottom.

Who Is This Bidet Toilet Seat Suitable For?

The USPA UB 7235U Toilet Seat offers posterior cleansing with a variable spray for the whole family, as well as feminine cleansing to assist with feminine hygiene. It is especially suitable for the following groups:

  • People suffering from rectal discomfort
  • Women who are pregnant or have just given birth
  • Persons with impaired mobility
  • Young children
  • People suffering from constipation and piles

Can People with Impaired Mobility Use This Toilet Seat?

Having to move from toilet to bidet as with a traditional bidet installation can be difficult and demanding for the corpulent, aged and disabled. With the USPA UB 7235U Toilet Seat you can maintain cleanliness and hygiene without having to move position.

Is the UB 7235U Seat Suitable for Pregnant Women?

Using the Bidet Toilet Seat is much easier for pregnant women than using a traditional bidet, as due to the easier seating position the baby doesn't get excessive pressure. The gentle and soothing water jet is particularly effective for post-delivery bathing.

Can I Use the Bidet Toilet Seat If I Suffer from Rectal Discomfort?

The water jet of this toilet seat is extremely gentle and soothing. The gentle massage effect of the water jet improves blood circulation in the anal capillary, alleviating the discomfort of piles and other anal irritations.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat?

The USPA UB 7235U Toilet Seat doesn't only improve your comfort and hygiene, but is good for the environment as well. It has been estimated that an average household uses approximately seven to 10 sheets of toilet paper per sitting. Paper uses up considerable natural resources in its manufacture, with the production heavily relying on bleaching agents and other polluting chemicals. With an electronic bidet the need for toilet paper is vastly reduced if not entirely eliminated.

Does the UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat Have a Heated Seat?

As well as being fantastically hygienic, the USPA UB 7235U Toilet Seat is also incredibly comfortable to use, no matter the temperature. The electronic seat features heating built-in, ranging from 34°C to 40°C in three levels to keep you comfortable no matter the time of year.

Does the UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat Have a Remote Control?

No, the UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat does not include a remote control. If you require remote control, we strongly recommend the USPA UB 7035U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control, which is identical to this one, but includes a remote control.

How Comfortable Is This Toilet Seat?

It is generally considered that almost 92 days are spent on the toilet over a lifetime, so staying comfortable is of the utmost importance. The UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat features a warm air dryer with five variable temperature settings to ensure you're both dry and clean. The bidet also features a heated seat that can be adjusted in temperature from 34°C to 40°C, allowing you to remain at ease no matter the time of year, as well as an automatic deodoriser that starts whenever the seat becomes occupied.

Is This UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat Safe to Use?

The UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat is IP24 rated. The toilet utilises a temp fuse and a 15mA ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) which automatically shuts off electrical power if it detects that current is flowing though water.

What Warranty Does This Bidet Toilet Seat Have?

To ensure that your toilet will stay functional when you need it, the toilet has a two-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labour.

Will This Bidet Toilet Seat Look Good in My Bathroom?

Made with contemporary Japanese styling and manufactured in Korea, this high quality bidet-style toilet seat is elegantly designed to not only make your bathroom easier to use, but look better as well. The pure white, sleek styling will fit into every type of room design, enhancing your toilet experience in every way.

Power Rating and Energy Consumption

  • Power Rating: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Energy Consumption: 1660–1975W
  • Power Cord Length: 1.5m
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Mains Water: Pressure 0.5 ~ 7.4Atm

Where Can I Learn More About the USPA UB 7235U Bidet Toilet Seat?

You can learn more about this toilet seat by watching the video below, or reading the user manual:

User Manual
Download the user manual

Power Rating and Energy Consumption

  • Power rating: AC 230V, 50Hz
  • Max power consumption: 1660 - 1975W
  • Power lead: 1.5m
  • Intelligent energy saving function: Automatically adjust seat and water temperature when not in use
  • Potable Water: Pressure 0.5 ~ 7.4 Atm

Warm Air Dryer

  • Adjustable (5 levels)
  • Power consumption (280 ~ 333W)
  • Safety devices: Temp Fuse

Heated Seat

  • Temperature Adjustable (3 levels) / 34°C - 40°C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse
  • Power Consumption: 55 ~ 65 W


  • Automatic start: deodoriser starts automatically when seat is occupied


  • Electrical Safety Protection: 15 mA - GFCI
  • Temp Fuse
  • IP24 rated


  • Easy detachable: a convenient bracket plate provides easy attachment and detachment of the main body for an easy toilet cleaning.
  • Soft-closing lid and seat: Function to make lid and seat open and close smoothly
  • Easy lid removal: Lid is easy to install and remove for a perfect cleaning.
  • Nano silver technology: applied to water tank and nozzles give them antibacterial properties.
  • Ultrasonic water proof soldering seat: It is easy to use with safety in a humid toilet room with the help of spinning design providing a waterproof function and preventing water drops from being soaked into.
  • Antibacterial resins: Adapted antibacterial resin preventing colitis germs and sundry germs from being propagated.
  • Toilet pan: pure white Vitreos china


2 years manufacturer's warranty

International Certification

CE, WRAS, EMC, JET, Dentori, K, ISO9001

Please note: To achieve full WRAS compliance an ‘Approved’ single check valve or some other no less effective backflow prevention device providing backflow prevention protection to at least fluid category two must be fitted at the point of connection between the water supply and the water inlet to this appliance.

Delivery Information for the USPA UB 7235U Round Style Bidet Toilet Seat

Please note that free delivery of this item is only available for the mainland United Kingdom (excluding some areas of Scotland). Orders from the following areas will incur an additional delivery charge:

  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • Scilly Isles
  • Isle of Whight
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Northern Ireland
  • Grampian
  • Scotland Offshore Islands
  • Some areas of North Wales including (but not limited to):
    • AB10 - 56
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    • PH49 - 50, 20 - 44
    • PO30 - 41
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    • ZE (all)

If you are intending to purchase this product from these areas, feel free to get in touch to find out more information about the additional delivery charge.

Additionally, we unfortunately cannot deliver this product to Europe.

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Excellent product and service
Friday, 17 April 2020  | 

Has been in use for 1 week and very pleased with the bidet although I feel it is somewhat expensive. Delivered within 2 days of ordering. Well packaged and protected with good instructions. The plumber found the online video useful.

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