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Daniell CellDaniell Cell
£103.99more info

Daniell Cell

Electrochemistry KitElectrochemistry Kit
£741.99more info

Electrochemistry Kit

Electrode Platinum (Pair)Electrode Platinum (Pair)
£67.99more info
  • Pair of electrodes of rectangular foil.
  • Fused into a protective glass tube.
  • Internal connection lead running through the tube.
  • Rubber stopper to screw terminals.

Equipment Set For ElectrochemistryEquipment Set For Electrochemistry
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Equipment Set for Electrochemistry

Hoffmann Electrolysis ApparatusHoffmann Electrolysis Apparatus
£352.99more info

Hoffmann Electrolysis Apparatus

Leclanche CellLeclanche Cell
£116.99more info

Leclanché Cell

Ph Combined ElectrodePh Combined Electrode
£55.99more info

pH Combined Electrode

Set Of 10 Copper PlatesSet Of 10 Copper Plates
£42.99more info

Set of 10 Copper Plates

Set Of 10 Iron PlatesSet Of 10 Iron Plates
£34.99more info

Set of 10 Iron Plates

Set Of 10 Zinc PlatesSet Of 10 Zinc Plates
£37.99more info

Set of 10 Zinc Plates

Set Of 5 Nickel PlatesSet Of 5 Nickel Plates
£64.99more info

Set of 5 Nickel Plates

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