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Electro Acupuncture

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ES-160 Six Channel Electro Acupuncture Unit
  • 12 acupuncture needles;
  • Preset programs & memories;
  • 8 different stimulation modes;
  • Allows measurement of Ryodo Points.

Pointer Pulse 2 Dual Probe Acupuncture Laser
  • Painless operation
  • Harmless, no tissue damage
  • User friendly design and operation
  • Complete sterility, no cross-infection

Pointer Pulse Infrared Laser Acupuncture TENS Device
  • TENS and laser stimulation device
  • Ideal for painless and drug-free relief from post-operative trauma
  • Adjustable sensitivity for targeted relief
  • Allows for immediate acu-point location and treatment

AWQ-105 PRO Acupuncture Stimulator
  • 5 channels;
  • Adjustable frequency & pulse width;
  • Timer selection for treatment sessions;
  • Shows sensitivity during acu-point detections.

ES-130 Palm Sized Three Channel Electric Stimulator
  • Palm-sized and lightweight;
  • Three output channels;
  • Low/Hight intensity settings;
  • For busy clinics that require several units.

AcuPrime Pointer Pal Acupuncture Point Locator
  • Hand-held acupuncture point locator
  • Ideal for training acupuncturists to develop their senses
  • Dial to adjust sensitivity for harder to locate points
  • Includes a carrying case for easy portability between sessions

AcuPrime Point-Mate Acupuncture Point Locator
  • Pocket-sized acupuncture point locator
  • Ideal for training acupuncturists who require assistance
  • Sound indicator and high pitch noise for accurate location
  • Locates both meridian and auriculo-acupuncture points

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