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Educational CD-ROMs and DVDs

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What Do You Really Know? Educational Activity Saver Pack
  • Promotes frank and open discussion on sensitive subjects
  • Examines the behaviours that occur in healthy relationships
  • Ideal to use with students aged between 11 and 18 years old
  • Contains 82 discussion cards and 2 CD-ROMs with guidance for use

Straight Talk Self-Esteem Workbook and Card Game Set
  • Encourages young people to think about their feelings, experiences and what makes them valuable
  • Brings people closer together with open discussions about relevant topics
  • Contains a 200-page workbook, a CD-ROM of worksheets, 50 game cards and an instruction book
  • Suitable for schoolkids of all ages

Go Lead Educational Activities CD-ROM
  • Builds the skills students need to become great leaders
  • Encourages the development of better communication skills
  • Ideal for the teaching of school-goers of all ages
  • Contains a CD-ROM of activities and a guidebook for students and teachers

Circle Time Imagination Discussion Cards Saver Pack
  • Enhances children's social and emotional skills through pretend play
  • Builds self-esteem by rewarding imaginative thinking
  • Contains 3 CD-ROMs, 90 discussion cards and 90 reproducible worksheets
  • Suitable for young children up to the age of six

Straight Talk Life Skills Workbook
  • A no-nonsense guide on self-esteem and life skills
  • Inspires young people to feel confident and self-accepting
  • Suitable for kids between the age of 8 and 14
  • Contains a 200-page workbook and CD-ROM with reproducible worksheets

Creating Student Leaders Educational Activity
  • Breaks down the concept of traditional leadership roles
  • Creates better leadership opportunities for young people
  • Ideal for use in both primary and secondary schools
  • Contains a 160-page guidebook and a printable CD-ROM

Worried Wilber Activities Book and CD-ROM
  • Suitable for pupils between the ages of four and ten
  • Helpful for constructively guiding young people through feelings of anixety
  • Includes a CD-ROM, an A5 instruction booklet and 31 engaging illustrations
  • Encourages the emotional development of children

Little Book of Learning Games
  • Enhances young kids' motor skills and co-ordination through engaging play
  • Encourages kids to be more independent in day-to-day tasks
  • Includes an instructional book of games, a Bright Beats CD and a CD-ROM of additional printouts
  • Suitable for children up to the age of six

My Face Emotional Literacy Discussion Cards
  • Aid children in learning self-awareness, empathy and social skills
  • Includes 20 fun emotions cards and a free CD-ROM
  • Encourages the healthy development of your child's emotions
  • Suitable for children of all ages

Emotional Literacy Games CD-ROM
  • Suitable for children up to the age of six
  • Engaging content that develops awareness of feelings
  • Three fun games that teaches children different emotional vocabulary
  • Includes a CD-ROM, instructions, cards and boards for each game

I Wish Circle Time Discussion Cards
  • Enables children to broaden their imagination during circle time
  • A useful resource that promotes good communication and self confidence
  • Contains 30 discussion cards and a CD-ROM with 30 reproducible worksheets
  • Suitable for young children up to the age of six

If Only Circle Time Discussion Cards
  • Builds a child's self confidence through language skills
  • Encourages creative storytelling and considered thinking
  • Contains a CD-ROM and 30 discussion cards and worksheets
  • Suitable for children up to six years old

Let's Pretend Circle Time Discussion Cards
  • Teaches children empathy and creativity
  • Builds on social and emotional skills through pretend play
  • Contains a CD-ROM and 30 discussion cards and worksheets
  • Suitable for young kids up to six years old

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items