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3M EAR Flexicap Banded Earplugs (Pack of 40)
  • Pack of 40 polymer foam earplugs with headbands
  • Ideal for health and safety inspectors and visitors
  • Conform perfectly to the shape of your eardrums
  • Provides noise reduction of 23dB

Deluxe Folding Earplugs
  • Convenient folding design;
  • Over head or around neck;
  • Spare foam pods available;
  • SNR 24 protection rating.

3M EAR Tracer Corded Reusable Earplugs (Pack of 250)
  • Pack of 250 corded reusable earplugs
  • Ideal for the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Achieves an impressive noise attenuation of 32dB
  • Soft flexible flanges adapt easily to your ear canal for maximum comfort

3M EAR Ultrafit Hygienic Corded Earplugs (Pack of 50)
  • Pack of 50 pairs of corded earplugs
  • Ideal for health inspectors, site managers and more
  • Effectively reduces noise levels by 32dB
  • Easy to clean and maintain

3M EAR Classic Foam Ear Plugs (Pack of 240)
  • Pack of 240 yellow polymer foam ear plugs
  • Ideal for noise reduction at work or at home
  • Achieves an SNR value of 28dB 
  • Highly comfortable design that stays in place

Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs (Pack of Seven Pairs)
  • Earplugs for reducing background noise
  • Great for sleeping, relaxing and studying
  • Easy to mould to the right shape
  • Made from high quality medical grade silicone 

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items