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Yellow Folding Earmuff - SNR 30
 Yellow Folding Earmuff - SNR 30Yellow Folding Earmuff - SNR 30 
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Yellow Folding Earmuff - SNR 30

  • Excellent hearing protection;
  • Soft, padded contoured headband;
  • Comfortable foam filled cups;
  • Space saving, folding design.
£72.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£60.83 Exc. VAT)

Folding Earmuff

The Folding Earmuff features a soft, padded, contoured headband and foam filled cups to provide enhanced wearer comfort. The innovative, space saving design of the Folding Earmuff allows for easy storage. The Folding Earmuff provides excellent hearing protection.

The Folding Earmuffs individually packed in polybags, and are available in bulk packs of 10 or 60.

A Basic Guide to Hearing Protection:

Hearing protection should ideally limit exposure to between 70 - 80 dB at the ear, and not exceed 87bB. However, it is also important to not over protect as the wearer may not be able to hear other sounds such as fire alarms or vehicles. The wearer can also feel isolated resulting in reluctance to wear the protection when necessary.

dB (decibel) is the unit used to measure sounds intensity. Sounds intensity roughly doubles for every 3dB increase.

SNR is the ‘Simplified Noise Level Reduction’ or ‘Single Number Rating’, which is the simplest way of getting a general indication for the level of protection provided.

The most accurate way to decide whether hearing protection is needed is to arrange a specialist survey from an independent professional.

Simple Equation:

Noise Level                      100dB

Hearing Protection SNR    - 30dB               (This calculation is only a rough guide and does not take into account different frequencies so may no be a suitable measurement.)

Noise Reaching Ear        70dB

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