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Your hearing can be damaged over time, especially if you're frequently exposed to loud work environments. To protect your hearing and prevent symptoms like tinnitus, browse our full range of high quality Earmuffs at Health and Care. Our earmuffs are designed to provide fantastic comfort and offer a range of sound protection levels, so you can enjoy peace and quiet while you work.

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Yellow Folding Earmuff - SNR 30
  • Excellent hearing protection;
  • Soft, padded contoured headband;
  • Comfortable foam filled cups;
  • Space saving, folding design.

Deluxe Earmuffs - SNR 25
  • Padded, contoured headband;
  • Foam filled cups;
  • Extra comfortable protection;
  • Bulk packed in individual bags.

Optime Push To Listen
  • 'Electronic-passive' earmuffs;
  • Eliminates need to lift the ear cup;
  • Simple 'push to listen' operation;
  • Automatically resets to full protection.

Standard Earmuff - SNR 25
  • Economical protection;
  • Contoured headband;
  • Comfortable foam filled cups;
  • Available in packs of 10 or 60.

Zone 3 Hearing Range
  • Extremely high noise levels;
  • Total confidence without compromise;
  • 3 versions available;
  • Available as single or 20 pack.

Optime III - SNR 35
  • New, double casing technology;
  • Maximum high frequency muffling;
  • Easy to understand speech and signals;
  • Available as headband or neckband.

Optime II - SNR 31
  • Adjustable, SNR 31 protection;
  • Liquid and foam sealing rings;
  • 3 different versions;
  • Available as single or bulk packs.

Page 1 of 1:    7 Items