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Ear Care

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Amplicomms DB 200 Plus Hearing Aid Drying Box
  • Easy to open even for people with arthritis
  • Environmentally friendly by not using chemicals or drying agents
  • Four UV lights ensure even radiation
  • Can hold up to two pairs of hearing aids or cochlear implants

Impact Noise Reducing Ear Plugs
  • Improves listening pleasure;
  • Eliminates plugged up feeling;
  • Reduces discomfort from loud music;
  • Internal diaphragm blocks loud sound.

Hearing Aid Cleaner
  • Easy to use design;
  • Fast, easy and effective;
  • Works with all hearing aids;
  • Five tools for daily cleaning.

Nasal Aspirator and Ear Syringe
  • Convenient for new mothers;
  • Clears mucous from baby’s nose;
  • Removes wax & debris from ears;
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.

Earwax Removal Syringe
  • Tri-stream tip directs fluid safely
  • Bulb-shaped tip prevents over-insertion
  • Exit portal prevents build up whilst using
  • More effective than rubber syringes

Hearing Aid Blower
  • Improves sound quality.
  • Removes dirt & debris for clear sound;
  • Helps keep device clear from moisture;
  • For ear molds/tubes/open fit hearing aids.

Ear Syringe
  • Safe and effective;
  • Convenient for new mothers;
  • Removes wax & debris from ears;
  • Easily washed in warm water.

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items