Airogym Portable DVT Exercise Cushion
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Airogym Portable DVT Exercise Cushion

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  • Inflatable exercise cushion
  • Increases blood flow in legs
  • Reduces risk of DVT.
  • Ideal for travel/elderly/pregnancy etc.


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Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion

The Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion is a pocket-sized inflatable exercise cushion that is designed to increase blood flow through the veins in the leg. It was originally invented by a former long-haul flight captain, concerned about the development of Deep Vein Thromboses (DVTs) as a result of plane journeys longer than 4 hours. 

The Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion boosts lower leg blood flow by providing a resistance-based exercise to perform whilst seated. It is endorsed by world-leading consultant vascular surgeon John Scurr and has previously won a Sunday Telegraph Best Travel Product Award with a 5-star rating.

The Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion is compact (160mm x 160mm when folded) and light weight (65g) so can be easily carried in a pocket, handbag or other hand luggage and used in most seated circumstances. 

The Science Behind Airogym 

The resistance-based exercise which delivers is the key to its effect on blood flow through the deep veins in the leg. Using alternate feet, air is pushed from one chamber of the Airogym to the other. By pressing down on the footpad, veins in the foot are compressed, squeezing blood into the main veins in the calf. The pressure involved in squeezing the foot causes contraction of the calf muscle, promoting the flow of blood through the main veins of lower leg. The more inflated the Airogym, the more pressure needed to move the air and the harder the workout. These active exercises are responsible for pumping fluid from the legs and may also reduce or prevent ankle swelling.

When to use Airogym

Travel: Along with a number of other factors, any journey that is longer than four hours - whether it is by plane, train, boat or coach - where a traveller is relatively immobile, may produce a risk of DVT. Although the risk increases with age, nobody is immune. Twisting the ankles or performing stretches in your seat may provide momentary relief from outward discomfort during a flight but these are not enough to cause major muscle contraction and will have very little effect on actual blood flow.

Elderly/Immobile: Airogym may also be helpful for anyone who is unable to exercise as much as they used to or would like. It is simple to use, gives no discomfort and can be operated at home or wherever is convenient. The exercise is extremely gentle and because you set the level of workout by the amount the cushion is inflated, it can be tailored to individual ability and circumstances. It may also help to reduce swollen joints and muscles.

Pregnancy: About one in 1,000 pregnant women develop a DVT while they are pregnant or within around six months of the birth. This is partly due to the fact that pregnancy makes your blood clot more easily but may also be due to reduced levels of exercise. As well as helping to boost blood flow, the use of an Airogym™ (especially when used lying down and pushing against a wall or the end of the bed) during pregnancy may help to relieve painful swollen ankles and legs.

Deskbound: When you sit behind a desk without exercising for long periods of time you may be at risk of e-thrombosis. If you can’t take regular breaks to walk around whilst at work, Airogym can be used to help exercise your lower legs without distracting you or your colleagues from what you are doing.

Physiotherapy/Post-Operative Care: Airogym can be used in a whole range of scenarios by physiotherapists but especially:- in the community for elderly with swollen legs and ulcers for all ages following lower limb surgery including knee & hip replacements for any post-operative patients who need to remain in bed for long periods to help revitalise nerve/muscle action
After a physiotherapy appointment, the patient can take the Airogym™ home with them so that they can continue with the exercises.

Airogym Exercises: 


User Feedback:


“I bought the Airogym after reading about it in the Telegraph and used it for a flight to Sydney. I found it easy to use, and unexpectedly, very pleasurable to use. I must say I felt rather smug on the flight as I was exercising away. I arrived feeling more refreshed than usual and for the first time could get my shoes back on with ease, as my ankles had not swollen up. Thank you so much for introducing this clever little device. The peace of mind, the ease and pleasure of use were fantastic.”


“I suffered a DVT last year and my doctors told me I had to get up and walk around the office every 40 minutes. It was an impossible situation, my employers were trying to be understanding however it was affecting my work. I then read about the Airogym in the Telegraph, bought one and took it to my doctors. They were very impressed and told me I could use the Airogym at my desk instead of walking around the office. Now I tread away at my desk, whilst handling my workload. It is a great product and you really have saved my job. Thank you Airogym.”


“I had a slight DVT with pregnancy. Applaud your innovation, been using it watching TV!”


“I am 96 years old and have been very limited with my walking and exercise for a few years. My daughter bought an Airogym for me four months ago and I had to write and let you know how this product has changed my life. I use the Airogym every day and my improvement has been miraculous. Before I could hardly make it to the front door, now I can walk to the bottom of the street and back again, all since I started using the Airogym. My regards to you for designing this product and my thanks to my daughter for buying one for me.”

Swollen ankles/muscle and joint pain

Ann Wooldridge MCSP SRP - Ms Wooldridge, a physiotherapist, has tested Airogym and now regularly employs the device during the treatment of elderly and less mobile patients. “The potential of DVT problems in the elderly, the less mobile and the other ‘at risk’ patients has recently been highlighted. The Airogym is an ‘egg timer’ shaped sac, which is partially inflated and alternate pressure from the feet or hands offers resistance to movement. It is intended to be used in the seated position. This small, effective and reasonably priced product is a useful tool in our armoury of preventive medicine.”


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