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DVT and Travel Health

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Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Travel Sleeping Pillow
  • Convenient travel size;
  • Ability to sleep on side or back;
  • Relief for shoulder, neck and back pain;
  • Supports the natural curve of the upper spine.

Sonic Bomb Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock
  • An extra loud shaking travel alarm clock
  • Portable design ideal for use on holidays
  • Designed to wake people with hearing difficulties
  • Battery powered design for use on the go

Medi Black Travel Socks for Men
  • Light compression for travel
  • Fashionable broad ribbed design
  • Easy to put on
  • Reinforced sole for durability 

Medi Grey Travel Socks for Men
  • Light compression for travel
  • Fashionable broad ribbed design
  • Easy to put on
  • Reinforced sole for durability 

Sigvaris Traveno Travel Flight Compression Socks
  • Ideal for long flights and travelling;
  • Designed to improve the traveller’s leg health;
  • Offers better efficacy through a stronger pressure level;
  • Available in several fashionable colors and styles.

Drive Medical U-Shaped Travel Pillow
  • Ergonomically shaped to support the head and neck
  • Corrects body posture and prevents slumping
  • Helps to ease sore muscles and relieve tension
  • Ideal for providing support while travelling

Travel John Disposable Urinal
  • Discreet, portable and disposable urinal
  • Holds up to 800ml
  • Turns liquid into gel
  • Suitable for men, women and children

FitLegs Life Compression Socks
  • FitLegs compression socks which help circulation and prevent DVT
  • Microfibre fabric ensures comfort whilst travelling and at work
  • Includes top band which prevents skin irritation
  • Available in three different style and sizes to fit most needs

FitLegs Everyday Compression Socks
  • Soft microfibre material helps to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis 
  • Comfortable, stretchable fabric applies graduated compression to improve circulation 
  • Provides comfort on long journeys and at work
  • Available in two sizes which suit a wide range of people

FitLegs Continued Care Below-Knee Closed-Toe Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings
  • Clinically effective at reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Ideal to wear following discharge from hospital with easy inspection features
  • Unique design includes comfortable heel pad
  • Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for most people

Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT
  • Inflatable exercise cushion for reducing the chances of DVT
  • Ideal for use by elderly, during pregnancy, while travelling and at work
  • Resistance based exercise encourages blood flow in the lower legs
  • Inflate to desired level to provide a level of exercise perfect for you

Sea Band Nausea and Travel Sickness Relief
  • Knitted elasticated wrist band for motion sickness
  • Also alleviates morning sickness, travel sickness and vomiting
  • Utilises the Nei Kuan acupressure point
  • The natural choice for nausea relief

Acu-Strap Morning and Motion Sickness Relief Bands (Pack of 2)
  • Alleviates the symptoms of motion and morning sickness
  • Suitable for use wherever relief is needed, such as on a boat
  • Free from drugs for natural relief from discomfort
  • Designed in a universal size to fit most users

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items