Drive Medical - Trotter Mobility Chair
 Drive Medical - Trotter Mobility ChairDrive Medical - Trotter Mobility Chair 
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Drive Medical - Trotter Mobility Chair

  • Manoeuverable and safe;
  • Black machine washable fabric;
  • Adjustable seat and back angles;
  • Crash tested for transit.
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(£308.33 Exc. VAT)

Drive Medical - Trotter Mobility Chair

The Trotter Mobility Chair has been tested to to guarentee the safest transit for you and your child. This model has successfully passed a dynamic crash test done with 130lb front facing occupant tested at 30mph. This high level of safety is reinforced by a five point 'H' harness with padded strap covers and toggle locks on the 10" rear wheels (8" front wheels).

The Trotter Mobility Chair's proven safety levels do not impair the comfort of the user or the convenience of the carer.

Firstly, both the seat angle and back angle adjust independently, from 15 to 22 degrees and 85, 90 and 95 degrees, respectively. Also, the pelvic belt includes a reversable padded strap and covers to increase comfort, one side being immitation lamb wool and the other in velor. In addition, the footrests and seat are adjustable, providing a tailored fit for the passenger. This fit can be extended with additions enhancing support and providing proper body posture and alignement, including the:

  • Headrest Extension: From black nylon fabric. Height and width adjustable, Provides additional head support for tall users. Used on Bbus transit models to avoid head whiplash during rear end collision.
  • Padded Headrest Wing: Height adjustable providing lateral support for the head.
  • Canopy: Height adjustable and removable. Provides protection from the elements and includes a clear flap-covered observation panel.
  • Upper Extremity Support Tray: Featuring safety lip and easy to clean. Provides trunk-stabilization ad are great for feeding.
  • Full Torso Vest: Guarantees support and enforces full body alignment.
  • Lateral Support and Scoli Strap: Adjustable and removable. Provides lateral support and can be pulled to one side for scoliosis correction.
  • Foot and Ankle Positioner: Providing adjustable support and positioning.

As for the convenience of the carer, the Trotter is constructed around a lightweight  folding frame with a closure strap which which holds the chair shut when collapsed. The seat itself consists of a removable, black, machine-washable fabric, which conceals stains and makes it easy to keep clean. Likewise, functionality-enhancing extras are available such as the:

  • Bus Transit Tie-Downs: Consisting of four tie-down brakets allow the Trotter to be used for transit.
  • Utility Bag: Zippered bag hooks on to the back of the Trotter mobility chair.

Technical Specifications

SizeSeat (width)Seat (depth) Back HeightSeat to FloorProduct WeightWeight Capacity 
S30cm (12")30-35cm (12-14") 51cm (20")56cm (22")8.6kg (19lb) 34kg (5st)
M35cm (14")33-38cm (13-15")58cm (23")56cm (22")9.5kg (21lb) 45.4kg (7st)
L41cm (16")35-41cm (14-16")61cm (24")56cm (22")11kg (25lb) 77ks (12st)
XL46cm (18") 38-43cm (15-17") 64cm (25")58cm (23")

13.6kg (30lb)

113.4kg (18st) 


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