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Drive Medical - Homecare Range

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Drive Medical Coccyx Cushion
  • Tilts pelvis forward;
  • Restores the backbone's natural curve;
  • Helps prevent pain by suspending coccyx over cut out section;
  • Mashine washable zip-up cover;

Drive Medical - Cutlery
  • Designed to help with arthritis or limited handgrip;
  • Ergonomically designed, stable and comfortable grip;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Attractive and functional design.

Drive Medical - Handy Grabber Range
  • Wide range of triggers, jaws and sizes;
  • All feature soft tipps for delicate items;
  • Ideal for individuals with weak grips;
  • Makes life easier by helping you reach further.

Drive Medical - Footstool
  • Relaxes feet and legs;
  • Foam padded for comfort;
  • Height and angle adjustable;
  • Beige darlon style fabric.

Drive Medical Leg Lifter
  • Simple contraption to help lift your leg;
  •  Hand and foot loops;
  • Flexible rubber foot grip;
  • 91cm (36").

Drive Medical - Adjustable Bed and Chair Raiser
  • Designed for raising chairs/beds with legs;
  • Insert blocks for height adjustment included;
  • Secure and stable framework;
  • Carries up to half a tonne.

Drive Medical - All Purpose Stool with Adjustable Arms
  • Comfortable padding on seat and back;
  • Angled seat to facilitate sitting and raising;
  • Removable/adjustable arm supports;
  • Easy assembly and adjustable height.

Drive Medical - Folding Step Stool
  • Robust plastic step, suitable for outdoors;
  • Slip resistent surfacing;
  • Folds down to 2" wide for easy storage;
  • A safe alternative to bulky step ladders.

Drive Medical - Grip-on Raisers
  • Highly versatile, work with all legged furniture;
  • Attaches without damaging;
  • Height adjusable;
  • Weight capacity up to half a tonne.

Drive Medical - Handy Trolley
  • Angled handles for improved grip;
  • Bottom tray et forward for easy walking;
  • Easy manoeuverability;
  • Two removable, easy to clean plastic trays.

Drive Medical - Ironing Perching Stool
  • Handy foldaway stool;
  • Ideal for household and DYI tasks;
  • A choice of sitting or standing positions;
  • Sturdy tubular steel frame.

Drive Medical - Jubilee Fireside Chair
  • Fine padding and head-wings for nestled comfort;
  • Upholstered in high quality fabrics;
  • Surdy,stable frame for safety;
  • Back care and lumbar support.

Drive Medical - Magnifier Pocket
  • Provides 4.5 x magnification;
  • Lens can be stored in pouch;
  • Easy to hold;
  • Practical to transport.

Drive Medical - Over Bed/Chair Table
  • Ideal for use in both bedroom and lounge;
  • Separate legs for wheelchair user convenience;
  • Melamine coated top and round lipped edging;
  • Height and angle adjustable.

Drive Medical - Pedal Exerciser
  • Indoor use, home or office;
  • Adjustable pedal resistance;
  • Easily folds for storage;
  • pedals come complete with toe-straps.

Drive Medical - Pill Cutter
  • Cuts uncoated tablets in half;
  • Ideal to reduce dosage or making easy to swallow;
  • Easy to use;
  • Practical gadget.

  • Soft plastic body can be easily folded or rolled to fit inside a sock;
  • Curved cut outs hold the sock while being pulled;
  • Long strap allows the user to wear the sock without bending down;
  • The item is latex free to avoid allergic reactions.

Drive Medical - Rolling Shopping Trolley
  • Exta lightweight;
  • Folds easily for storage;
  • Durable and comfortable plastic handle;
  • Removable and resistent bag.

Drive Medical - Spill Proof Cup
  • Will not spill, even when upside down;
  • Easy grip handle, sturdy screw on lid;
  • Increases users confidence;
  • Dishwasher compatible.

Drive Medical - Terry Towel Bib
  • White cotton terry with tie closure;
  • Mashine washable;
  • Sillage absorbent;
  • 64-42cm (25-16.5")

Drive Medical - Tights Aid
  • Soft plastic body can be easily folded or rolled to fit inside your tights;
  • Curved cut outs hold the thights while being pulled;
  • Long strap allows the user to wear the tights without bending down;
  • The item is latex free to avoid allergic reactions.

Drive Medical - TV Ears
  • Raises television dialogue above background noise;
  • Allows for loud volume without disturbing others;
  • Can be used in company or with muted TV;
  • State-of-the-art design.

Drive Medical - Universal Cup
  • Clear and strong polycarbonate;
  • Heat resistent and dishwasher safe;
  • Volume capacity, 10 ounces;
  • Spout and anti splash lid.

Drive Medical - Wood Transfer Board
  • Facilitates transfer to and from a wheelchair;
  • Sturdy Baltic Birch;
  • Clear lacquer finish;
  • Provides independence to the user.

Drive Medical Swivel Seat
  • Turning on one axis whilst seated becomes easier;
  • Suitable for application with virtually all seats;
  • Washable/removable fleece cover;
  • Designed for people with mobility conditions.

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