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Drive Medical - Bathlifts

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Spare White Backrest and Seat Cover for the Bellavita Bathlift
  • White cover for the Bellavita Bathlift
  • Provides a protective cover for the seat and backrest
  • Improves comfort of the bathlift
  • Ideal as a spare or replacement cover

Clear Toggle Wraparound Foot Grips for the Bellavita Bathlift (Pack of Four)
  • Pack of spare parts for the Bellavita Bathlift
  • Four foot grips to replace damaged parts
  • Help to provide stability to your bathlift
  • Foot grips in a clear toggle wraparound design

Drive Medical - Bellavita Bathlift
  • At 6cm, simply the lowest bathlift available;
  • Market-leading 50' reclination;
  • Reaches a record height of 48cm;
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced comfort.

Drive Medical - Riviera Bathlift
  • Practical, one simple button push sufficient to fold;
  • Hygenic, smooth surfaces;
  • Safer, 'emergency-off' button and long-lasting battery;
  • Attractive, space-saving slim design.

Screw Foot Grip for the Bellavita Bathlift
  • Spare part for the Bellavita Bathlift
  • Single screw foot grip to replace a damaged part
  • Helps to provide stability to your bathlift
  • Screw onto the bottom of your Bellavita Bathlift

Soft Cover Set for the Splash Bath Lift
  • Beautiful aqua-green colour suits a range of bathrooms
  • Cushioned to provide you with optimal comfort levels
  • Allows you to remain in the bath for longer periods
  • Protects the bath lift against wear and tear

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items