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Double Finger Splints

Designed to provide support for two fingers, our range of Double Finger Splints are ideal for people that have injured more than one digit. Suitable for a number of conditions including mallet finger, our finger splints can be used to restrict movement in your fingers. At Health and Care, we offer free UK delivery on all orders.

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Bedford Double Finger Splint (25 Pack)
  • Elasticated cotton double finger splint
  • Ideal for fractures, sprains and arthritis
  • Provides excellent support and compression
  • Incredible value with this pack of 25

Rolyan Buddy Straps (Pack of 5)
  • Holds two fingers securely together without bulky strapping
  • Fingers remain separated by a piece of soft strapping material
  • Can be trimmed easily to accommodate any finger size
  • Supplied in a pack of five straps 

Double Armchair Finger Splint
  • A dynamic splint for two fingers
  • Suitable for arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism
  • Keeps the fingers in the ideal angle of flexion
  • Innovative padded spring design provides great support

3PP Buddy Loop Finger Splint
  • Comfortably holds fingers in place
  • Breathable and washable
  • One piece design.
  • Available in various pack sizes

Bedford Double Finger Splint (5 Pack)
  • Splint to support an injured finger with the adjacent finger
  • Ideal for those who have suffered mild finger injuries
  • Supports PIP and DIP joints to promote recovery
  • Provides compression and support without complete immobilisation

Bedford Double Finger Splint
  • Double finger splint to provide extra support
  • Elasticated cotton provides gentle compression and firm support
  • Ideal for arthritis, strains, fractures and post-op recovery
  • Provides support to both the PIP and DIP joints

Whitechapel Finger Splint
  • Buddy finger splint that tapes two fingers together
  • Ideal for sprains, strains, arthritic conditions and fractures
  • Ideal for soft tissue injury
  • Provides great support to the PIP joint

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