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Disarticulated Human Skeleton Models

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Disarticulated Model Skeleton
  • Highly detailed disassembled model human skeleton
  • Skull can be dismantled to its 3 constituent parts
  • Foramina, fissures, and processes included for maximum detail
  • Free delivery

Disarticulated Model Half Skelton
  • Incredibly realistic representation of the individual bones in the right-hand side of the skeleton
  • A full skull, sternum, and coccyx/sacrum are included
  • Fissures, foramina, and process are included for extra realism
  • Free delivery

Disarticulated Human Model Skeleton
  • Disarticulated human skeleton consisting of around 200 bones
  • Every bone is a replica of the real human equivalent
  • Ideal for training, education and demonstration purposes
  • Right hand and foot mounted on wire for display

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items