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Pro11 Fabric Gel-Lined Metatarsal Relief Pads (Pair)
  • Discreet fabric and gel metatarsal pads
  • Absorb shock, reduce pressure and cushion
  • Designed to be used with most everyday footwear
  • Supplied as a pair of pads

Protect iT Everyday Comfort Diabetic Socks
  • Comfortable socks to reduce chafing 
  • Ideal for everyday use by diabetics
  • Memory fabric adapts to the foot and your movements
  • Suitable for both men and women

Gloves In A Bottle - 60ml Bottles
  • Ideal for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • Helps retain natural oil and moisture
  • Revives dry hands in just one month
  • Lotion acts as a shield for skin

Forefoot Reliever Wound Shoe
  • Wound shoe to aid healing 
  • Suitable for stabilising the foot post-operatively
  • Non-slip sole to ensure safe recovery
  • Unloads forefoot injuries and ulcers

Protect iT Active Ankle Diabetic Socks
  • Comfortable socks for reducing chafing and pressure
  • Ideal for active use with trainers and for diabetics
  • Memory fabric adapts to the foot and the your movements
  • Available in 4 size suitable for both men and women

Impax Grid Insole for the ProCare Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe
  • Made for use with the ProCare Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe
  • Off-loads pressure on the foot to prevent your condition worsening
  • Foam blocks in the insole can be removed for tailored support
  • Spare or replacement insole for improved foot protection

Pro11 Silicone Heel Spur Cushions
  • Heel cushions to protect against impact
  • Correct over-pronation and supination
  • For treatment of heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • A useful aid for diabetics that suffer heel pain

Nighttime Low Blood Sugar Alarm for Hypoglycaemia
  • Designed to detect low blood sugar levels in diabetic users
  • Made for use during the night to prevent complications
  • Worn on the wrist like a watch for improved discretion
  • Alarms and vibrates when low blood sugar detected

Pro11 3/4 Length Silicone Insoles
  • Durable three-quarter-length silicone insoles
  • Provide excellent arch and heel support
  • Absorb shock and reduce pressure
  • Will fit narrow and pointed shoes

Pro11 Orthotic Silicone Blue Spot Heel Insoles
  • Strong and durable silicone heel insoles
  • Absorb shock, reduce pressure and cushion heels
  • Provide long-lasting and reliable support
  • Relieve heel pain and prevent heel injury

Protect iT Comfort Dress Diabetic Socks
  • Wrinkle free fabric for extra protection
  • Ideal for dress shoe wear by diabetics
  • Memory fabric adapts to the foot and your movements
  • Suitable for both men and women

Beurer GL50 EVO Blood Glucose Measuring Device
  • Wide test strips and simple measurement markings for easy use
  • Lancing device integrated into the unit with adjustable penetration depth
  • Can take measurements with only 0.6µl of blood in five seconds
  • Suitable for self-testing at home

FitLegs Diabetes Cotton Socks
  • Breathable fabric made from 100% cotton to keep feet dry and comfortable 
  • Designed with a soft toe seam which is ideal for sensitive or swollen feet
  • Fragile skin is prevented from damage with its non-elasticated material 
  • A range of sizes allow for precise fitting

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items