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Diabetes Diagnostics

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Beurer GL50 EVO Blood Glucose Measuring Device
  • Wide test strips and simple measurement markings for easy use
  • Lancing device integrated into the unit with adjustable penetration depth
  • Can take measurements with only 0.6µl of blood in five seconds
  • Suitable for self-testing at home

Beurer GL42 Blood Glucose Measuring Device
  • Only requires 0.6µl of blood and five seconds for a reading
  • Large display, wide test strips and simple markings
  • Has 480 memory spaces with date and time
  • Blood volume check for accurate results

Neuropen Kit
  • Assesses reduced sensation to sharpness/pain in small nerve fibres.
  • Dual function screening device.
  • Replaceable monofilaments.
  • Pocket sized.
  • 10g.  

Diabetes Diagnostics Retractable Monofilament with Duraban 10g
  • Tests the loss of sensation in the feet of diabetic patients.
  • Measures both the diminishing and returning sensation.
  • Ideal for screening peripheral nerve impairments.
  • Portable and compact.
  • 10g.  

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items