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Desktop Spirometers

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200 Disposable Mouthpieces for MicroMedical Smoke Check Monitor SC01
  • 200 Mouthpieces for the MicroMedical Smoke Monitor
  • Easily attached and removed
  • For safe and hygienic use of your smoke monitor
  • Fully disposable

Anti-Bacterial Filters for the MicroMedical MicroRPM 01 (Pack of 50)
  • Anti-bacterial filters for the MicroMedical MicroRPM 01
  • 50 disposable filters included
  • Keeps your MicroRPM hygienic and functional
  • Easy to fit into your existing machine

MicroMedical 3 Litre Calibration Syringe SM2125-STK
  • Accuracy unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Manufactured to a very high standard
  • Compatible with all spirometers
  • Does not require routine calibration adjustment

MicroMedical Micro CO Monitor
  • Gold standard in CO breath testing
  • Most advanced system currently available
  • Fast response time
  • Immediate display of CO levels in PPM & %COHB

MicroMedical Peak Flow Meter MPE8200EU
  • Designed to meet the new European (EN13826) standards
  • Single range suitable for all users
  • High visibility scale
  • In-built Colour-Zone asthma management system

MicroMedical Pulmolife COPD Screening Device PL10
  • New COPD screening device
  • Screening of adult smokers for early detection of COPD
  • Innovative device measures FEV1
  • ‘Lung Age’ graphical display

MicroMedical Spiro USB with Spirometry PC Software
  • Advanced Spirometer designed for the professional
  • Plugs directly into your PC
  • User-friendly modern multi- window visual interface
  • Software can be easily linked to other patient journal or GP administration systems

MicroMedical Spirometry PC Software
  • Lung age calculation and textual interpretation
  • Powerful search facilities
  • Compatible with Microlab and Microloop Spirometers
  • Easy and fast to use

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items