Active Minds Tactile Sensory Snap Game
Active Minds Tactile Sensory Snap GameActive Minds Tactile Sensory Snap GameActive Minds Tactile Sensory Snap GameActive Minds Tactile Sensory Snap Game
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Active Minds Tactile Sensory Snap Game

  • Fun tactile sensory matching game
  • Suitable for those with dementia
  • Designed for one-on-one play
  • Excellent for cognitive stimulation therapy


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Active Minds Tactile Sensory Snap Game

People living with dementia may suffer the loss of some senses, but their sense of touch is often heightened, making tactile games an excellent therapeutic tool. The Active Minds Tactile Sensory Snap Game is a fun and tactile matching game, allowing players to use their sense of touch to match tactile tiles to to images inside the box. Designed for one-on-one play, this game provides a fun and interactive way to stimulate both reminiscence and conversation.

Key Features

  • Fun and tactile sensory matching game for those with dementia
  • Designed to stimulate multiple senses and encourage conversation
  • Players must match the tactile tile to an image inside the box
  • Excellent activity for cognitive stimulation therapy
  • Capitalises on the strong sense of touch of people living with dementia
  • Designed to be used on a one-to-one basis
  • All tactile tiles can be hand washed
  • Excellent for care homes or community care environments
  • Can help to improve dexterity
  • Suitable for users of all abilities

Designed for Dementia

Since the sense of touch is often strong in those with dementia, tactile games provide an excellent way to engage their minds and memories. Players are encouraged to create new associations or discuss texture, making this game a powerful stimulation tool for people living with dementia.

Excellent Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Tool

Activities that require the matching of one sense to another help to create associations and are common tools in cognitive stimulation therapy. This therapy has recently become more popular, and has been proven to be a powerful tool in the treatment and care of those with dementia.

Hygienic and Safe

All tactile tiles in this game can be hand washed, making hygiene maintenance simple. This hygienic design makes this activity perfect for use in professional care facilities, or just as a fun game around the home.

Themed Tiles

This game includes six different tactile tiles, centred around three themes. These themes are:

  • In the Garden
    • Garden gloves
    • Grass
  • At Home
    • Duster
    • Cat
  • Car
    • Shiny car
    • Chamois leather

See the Game in Action

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