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Darco Wound Shoes

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Darco OrthoWedge Shoe
  • Ankle strap seats foot firmly in shoe to eliminate friction
  • Reduces weight on the forefoot, promoting healing
  • Useful for infections, ulcers, trauma and surgery
  • Square toe bumper for excellent protection

Darco All Purpose Boot
  • Provides protection through all weather types
  • Fully customisable with removable EVA insole
  • Rocker bottom for a smooth gait pattern roll
  • Reinforced sole under the metatarsal heads

Darco Softie Post-Operative Shoe
  • Square toe bumper for excellent protection
  • Soft and breathable materials for comfort
  • Easy to fasten hook-and-loop straps
  • Ideal for larger casts and bandages

Darco MedSurg Shoe
  • Fully customisable protective post-operative shoe
  • Rocker sole to reduce heel and forefoot plantar pressure by 25%
  • Adjustable to accommodate dressings up to 43.2cm
  • Strapless closure eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot

Darco Slimline Cast Boot
  • Versatile to protect all types of casts and bandages
  • Square toe design acts as a protective bumper for toes
  • Forefoot closure can be adjusts to accommodate different casts
  • Rocker sole allows for a smooth roll throughout gait pattern

Darco Body Armour Cast Shoe
  • Shields cast from moisture, shock and everyday wear
  • Suitable for use with all casting materials and bandages
  • Easy to secure and adjust bungee closure system
  • EVA unibody design for excellent shock absorption

Darco WCS Wound Care Shoes
  • Ultra-soft Plastazote lining provides a virtually friction-free contact surface
  • Multi-density insoles for customisation and precisely targeted off loading
  • Pair of wound care shoes for Wagner Grade 3 or greater ulcerations
  • Easy entry with room for bandages to ensure optimal support

Darco Peg Assist Insole
  • Available in five sizes corresponding to your post-operative shoe size
  • Removable pegs offload pressure on precise areas of foot
  • Designed to fit most Darco wound shoes and walkers
  • Pressure can be reduced by as much as 60%

Darco HeelWedge Shoe
  • Alleviates pressure on the heel by at least 26%
  • Comfortably padded, customisable insole
  • Ankle strap seats foot firmly in shoe to reduce heel slippage
  • Ideal for diabetic ulcers

Darco Paediatric OrthoWedge Light Off-Loading Shoe
  • Suitable following procedures for hallux valgus, hammer toe, and forefoot ulcerations
  • Displaces pressure to the midfoot and heel with a secure and comfortable fit
  • Provides protection and pain relief for the forefoot following operation
  • Features a breathable upper part, EVA sole, and removable insole

Darco Wound Care Shoe Insoles
  • Compatible with select Darco shoes for improved care and support
  • For diabetic foot syndrome, open wounds, ulcers, and ulcerations
  • Four-layer insole system with varying degrees of hardness
  • Sold as a pair of shoe insoles

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items