Gripeeze Multifunctional Grip Gloves
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Gripeeze Multifunctional Grip Gloves

  • Pair of gloves for increased grip strength and reduced hand pain
  • For arthritis and other physical/neurological conditions affecting the hands
  • Hand strap to relieve pressure on muscles and tendons when gripping
  • Appropriate for light gardening and household tasks
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Gripeeze Multifunctional Grip Gloves

The Gripeeze Multifunctional Grip Gloves are designed specifically for undertaking light garden and house work for therapy and rehabilitation. Combining Gripeeze's patented strapping technology with double wrist support, these gardening gloves are ideal for relieving tension and fostering independence during all manual tasks.

Gripeeze Gardening Glove

How Do the Multifunctional Gloves Work?

The Gripeeze Gloves feature strapping on either the right or left hand glove, which provides additional stability to the wrist and helps to reduce pain and discomfort. To select which glove is best for you, we recommend choosing the version of the glove that is reinforced on your dominant hand, e.g. if you are left handed, the strap would be on the left hand glove.

What is the Gripeeze Strapping Technology?

To help keep your fist clenched, Gripeeze's Grip and Strap system wraps around your fist and anchors it to your wrist. When secured, the strap reduces the strain from the muscles and tendons in the hand commonly affected by arthritis and other physical or neurological conditions which can cause pain in the hand and fingers. To use the strap system you simply pull the strap around your clenched fist and fasten it to the back of your wrist. Gripeeze gloves come with a wrap away system to keep the strap out the way when not directly in use.

Gripeeze Strapping System

What Conditions Can the Gripeeze Multifunctional Grip Glove Help With?

The Gripeeze Gloves can provide relief and rehabilitation for a range of physical and neurological conditions which cause pain in the hands and finger. These include, but are not limited to, the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
  • Tendonitis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Sports Injuries

What Differentiates this Glove from Other Gripeeze Products?

These home and gardening gloves are designed specifically for use around in household and garden activities. By removing the strain from gripping, the Multifunctional Grip Gloves can make common gardening tasks such as potting and pruning a reality again. These gloves come with extra grip on the hands and fingers to aid in garden work and are made from breathable neoprene ideal for work outdoors and manual flexibility.

Which Size of the Gripeeze Multifunctional Gloves Do I Need?

The Gripeeze Gloves are available in a variety of sizes, from Small to XX-Large to suit most hands. To find your perfect size, please measure the circumference of your hand just below the base of your fingers and match your measurement to the table below.

Size Hand Circumference (cm) Hand Circumference (Inches)
Small 17.5 - 18.75cm 7 - 7.5"
Medium 20 - 21.25cm 8 - 8.5"
Large 22.5 - 23.75cm 9 - 9.5"
Extra Large 25 - 26.25cm 10 - 10.5"
XX-Large 27.5 - 18.75cm 11 - 11.5"

Watch the Multifunctional Grip Gloves in Action

Can the Gripeeze Multifunctional Grip Gloves Help with My Arthritis?

Arthritis can cause a lot of pain and disruption, often significantly weakening the grip in your hands. This pain and loss of grip can make many day to day tasks more difficult, but with the help of a glove arthritis can become more manageable. Gripeeze's strapping system allows its wearer to regain grip and, along with it, independence. Gardening and other household tasks can once again bring joy to you or a loved one.

Is a Gripeeze Multifunctional Grip Glove Easy to Use?

It might be effective but a Multifunctional Grip Glove isn't complex, at least not complex to use. You simply have to fasten the strap around your clenched fist, and the glove's wrap away system holds the strap out the way when not in use.

Are these Grip Glove Only for Gardening?

While designed with gardening in mind, the Multifunctional Grip Gloves make excellent general grip gloves for use around the house. Their light and breathable material, finger and palm grips, and the fact that they are machine washable, all make them a practical and easy gloves you don't need to worry about getting dirty.

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Gripeeze DIY and Garden Grip Gloves

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