Grip-Par Women's Leather Golf Glove
 Grip-Par Women's Leather Golf GloveGrip-Par Women's Leather Golf Glove 
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Grip-Par Women's Leather Golf Glove

  • Strapped women's golf glove developed for support
  • Ideal for training or rehabilitation and therapy
  • Secures your grip to maintain form
  • Reduces strain on hand muscles and tendons
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Grip-Par Women's Leather Golf Glove

The Grip-Par Women's Leather Golf Glove offers support and training to golfers with a weak or painful grip. Available for the left or right hand in several sizes, this white with pink trim glove is ideal for those who suffer from Arthritis or other physical and neurological hand conditions, or those looking to improve their golf game. Grip-Par Golf Gloves are also available in Men's and Junior versions. 

How Do the Grip-Par Leather Grip Gloves Work?

To help keep your fist clenched, the Grip-Par Grip and Strap system wraps around your fist and anchors to the back of your hand. When secured, the strap removes strain from the muscles and tendons in the hand which are commonly affected by sporting injuries or arthritis and other physical or neurological conditions that can cause pain in the hands and fingers.

Is the Grip-Par Golf Glove Easy to Use?

It might be effective but the Grip-Par Golf Glove isn't complex, at least not complex to use. You simply fasten the strap around your clenched fist, and the glove's wrap away system holds the strap out of your way when not in use.

What is the Grip-Par Strapping Technology?

To use the strap system you simply pull the strap around your clenched fist and fasten it to the back of your wrist (see guide below). Grip-Par gloves come with a wrap away system to keep the strap out the way when not directly in use.

When correctly applied, the strap removes 80% of built up tension in the hand. This allows you to relax your hand while staying locked into the perfect grip.

Gripeeze Strapping System

Are Grip-Par Gloves Approved for Competition Play?

Grip-Par gloves have been approved by British and American ruling bodies, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) and United States Golf Association (USGA), for competition use by those who suffer from neurological or physical conditions that cause weakness and pain in the hands.

What Differentiates this Glove from Other Gripeeze Gloves?

The Women's Grip-Par Golf Glove is the ideal versatile glove for improving your game or regaining grip strength. This leather women's glove is part of a range of Grip-Par products specifically built for use on the golf course. They feature a unique strapping system, especially designed to facilitate perfect form with your golf club. 

Unlike the main line of Gripeeze gloves which are mainly for those who have difficulty gripping due to medical condition or injury, Grip-Par gloves are useful for all players looking to improve their game. The Grip-Par strapping system holds your grip firm, allowing you to work on your form and maintain optimal hand positioning during training.

Which Size of the Grip-Par Women's Gloves is Right for Me?

The Grip-Par Women's Leather Gloves are available in three sizes that should suit the hands of most ladies. To find the correct size for your needs, please measure the circumference of your hand around the centre of your palm and match your measurement to the table below.

Size Palm Circumference
Small 17.5 - 18.75cm (7 - 7.5")
Medium 20 - 21.25cm (8 - 8.5")
Large 22.5 - 23.75cm (9 - 9.5")

Is the Grip-Par Glove Designed for Training?

Recognised by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), this glove has been developed with training in mind and is a great choice for both players and teaching professionals.

The strap holds your hand, or your student's hand, in the optimal position, teaching them to maintain ideal form over time and helping to correct common faults. It is the ideal glove for developing both your long and short game anywhere on the course.

Grip-par gloves in action

What Level of Play is This Glove Designed for?

This is a great glove for all levels of aptitude. For a novice player it can offer support to keep your form optimal during play, improving accuracy and distance. The glove is ideal for improving both long and short game.

For the more experienced player, this glove is perfect for rehabilitation after injury or for building strength lost due to physical and neurological conditions in the hands. In fact, the glove is even approved for competition play by the R&A and USGA for sufferers of such conditions.

Can the Grip-Par Golf Glove Help my Arthritis?

Arthritis can cause a lot of pain and disruption, often significantly weakening the grip in your hands. This pain and loss of grip can make it hard to keep up with sports and hobbies like golf, but with the help of a glove Arthritis pain can become more manageable.

The Grip-Par strapping system allows its wearer to regain grip and, along with it, independence. These gloves might see you back on the green sooner than you expected.

Is this Glove Suitable for Stroke Patients?

This is a great glove for those who suffer from conditions which can affect hand strength, such as strokes or spinal injuries. The strap wraps over the knuckles to secure grip and reduce the strain of activity. The wearer can release their hand once the strap has been applied and maintain a firm hold despite a relaxed and comfortable hand, knuckles, forearm and wrist.

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