Kings Cutlery Assessment Kit
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Kings Cutlery Assessment Kit

  • Bespoke range of utensils to suit every need
  • Contains 33 unique cutlery pieces from Kings
  • Ideal for users with restricted hand movement
  • Quick and easy to assemble each piece together


Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon

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Kings Cutlery Assessment Kit

The Kings Cutlery Assessment Kit features all the items in the comprehensive Kings range, and allows you to create a large amount of bespoke cutlery items from 33 modular pieces. It caters for virtually all needs - economically, visually, aesthetically and functionally. This kit contains one of each utensil, handle and sleeve, plus the Kings Button Hook.

Supplied in an attractive case with a specific place for each item, it is ideal for occupational therapists to assess the individual needs of their patients.

What Does the Assessment Kit Include?

This 33 piece kit covers a breadth of versatile cutlery items that can be catered to each individual depending on their needs and requirements, including: standard, angled and specialised utensils; and built-up, slim, contoured, lightweight foam and heavyweight handles.

It also includes a unique double-ended feature to create special utensils for one-handed eating, or to provide an inconspicuous hand strap to aid those with gripping issues. All items are hygienic and non-corroding, and all, except for the lightweight foam handles, are dishwasher safe.

Features and Benefits of the Assessment Kit

  • Contains 33 unique cutlery pieces
  • Customise a bespoke range of utensils to suit every need
  • Perfect for users who suffer from weak grip or restricted hand movement
  • Easy and quick to assemble each piece together
  • Different handles to cater to those with arthritis or grip issues
  • Angled cutlery and rocking knives to minimise wrist rotation
  • Features a Kings Button Hook that is unique to this kit

Assembling the Kings Cutlery Range

To assemble a cutlery utensil and handle, simply push the utensil spigot into the hole in the handle. If the handle needs to be built up further, sleeves can be added; these must be fitted over the slim handle first, and then the handle attached to the utensil spigot.

If a double-ended utensil is required, handles with a hole in both ends are also available, enabling you to rotate the utensil as required. When using the strap, it is placed between the handle and cutlery spigot or end piece.

All items in this range are dishwasher friendly, except for the Lightweight Foam Handles, which must be handwashed to maintain the integrity of the foam.

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