Emporia T20 AB-UK Amplified Telephone with Large LCD Screen
 Emporia T20 AB-UK Amplified Telephone with Large LCD ScreenEmporia T20 AB-UK Amplified Telephone with Large LCD Screen 
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Emporia T20 AB-UK Amplified Telephone with Large LCD Screen

  • Amplified home telephone with large LCD display
  • Ideal for the elderly and those who are hard of hearing
  • Adjustable receiver volume increase of up to +30dB
  • Digital answering machine with up to 60 minutes memory


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In stock now

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Emporia T20 AB-UK Amplified Telephone

The Emporia T20 AB-UK Amplified Telephone is a corded telephone with a large backlit LCD display that makes it easy to see who's calling. This amplified telephone also includes a hands free speakerphone that you can use to dial without lifting the receiver, which is ideal for anyone with limited mobility. This Emporia home phone also includes a digital answering machine that's easy to use and has a number of impressive features, including 60 minutes of recording memory. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Emporia T20 AB-UK Amplified Telephone
  • 1 x Handset (receiver)
  • 1 x Receiver cord
  • 1 x Telephone line
  • 1 x AC mains adapter
  • 1 x Quick start user guide

How Loud is the Emporia T20?

The Emporia T20 is great choice for anyone with limited hearing. The receiver volume is fully adjustable up to a volume of +30dB, making it suitable for users with a wide range of different hearing capabilities. 

The ringing volume is adjustable to two different settings that are ideal for a range of different user needs. The receiver is also compatible with all hearing aids.

Key Features of the Emporia T20 

  • Digital answer machine with 60 minutes recording time
  • Handset amplification that's fully adjustable up to +30dB 
  • Fully compatible with all hearing aids
  • Features a handsfree mode that will capture your voice from up to a metre away
  • Caller ID clearly displayed on the large LCD screen
  • The phonebook has the memory space for up to 150 contacts 
  • You can save up to 29 separate caller ID contacts that will show up on the display when they call
  • ISDN system allows you to have 3 way phone conversations
  • Large, clear blue, back-lit LCD display that is designed specifically for easy reading
  • Digital answering machine with remote access option and optional PIN security
  • This phone's display menu can be set to German, English, French, Italian, Nederland, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish

How Easy Is the Emporia T20 to Read?

With large and clearly labelled buttons, the Emporia T20 is also ideal for anyone with limited vision, with the large button size making the numbers easier to read and the keys easier to see. The backlit LED screen display makes it easy to read any caller ID information. 

How Easy is the Emporia T20 to Use?

The Emporia Emporia T20 is designed to be as easy to set up and use as possible. Simply plug the phone into your telephone socket and the phone will do the rest! The answerphone is also simple and easy to set up, the user guide which is included in you purchase explains how to do so in clear and concise English. 

What Is the Power Outage Battery Backup Feature?

One of the remarkable features this phone includes is that it can still make calls even in the case of a power outage. Knowing that even during a power failure you'd still be able to contact your loved ones can bring great peace of mind and a great sense of security. 

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