Cooling Pillow Topper
Cooling Pillow TopperCooling Pillow TopperCooling Pillow Topper
Cooling Pillow TopperCooling Pillow Topper
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Cooling Pillow Topper

  • Good for headaches, sunburn or just to cool down
  • Also suitable for increased body heat due to medication
  • Medical grade cotton pad filled with cooling gel
  • Dimensions: 30 x 40cm


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In stock now

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Cooling Pillow Topper

The Cooling Pillow Topper Pad is a new high tech way to keep cool. These medical grade cotton pads are filled with a gel that delivers a cooling effect when in contact with your body. The Cool Pad Pillow Topper is helpful for many ailments including headaches, sunburn, hot feet or just to cool down at night. The cooling feel of the pillow topper is activated each time you move. The topper however is not 'ice cold' and is a dry cool provided by the medical grade material.  

How Do I Use the Cooling Pillow Topper?

To get the full benefits of the Cooling Pillow Topper, you can place it in your pillowcase above the pillow. Although you do not need to, you can also place it in the freezer or fridge before use.

Features and Benefits of the Cooling Pillow Topper

  • Helps headaches, sunburn, hot flushes or just to cool down
  • Suitable for high temperatures or increased body heat due to medication
  • Cooling is activated each time you move
  • Not too cold, just dry cool medical grade material
  • No fan noise or running costs
  • Helps you sleep during hot weather

Dimensions of the Cooling Pillow Topper 

Dimensions = 30cm x 40cm (11.8" x 15.7")

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