Juzo Dynamic 23-32 mmHg Compression Arm Sleeve
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Juzo Dynamic 23-32 mmHg Compression Arm Sleeve

  • Compression Class 2;
  • Highly durable garment;
  • For use in lymphology & scar treatment;
  • Maximum containment of all Juzo sleeves.
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Juzo Dynamic 23-32 mmHg Compression Arm Sleeve

The Juzo Dynamic 23-32 mmHg Compression Arm Sleeve is for use in lymphology and scar treatment and is a specialized compression garment for the arms.

The Juzo Dynamic 23-32 mmHg Compression Arm Sleeve provides the maximum containment of all the Juzo compression arm sleeves

The Juzo Dynamic 23-32 mmHg Compression Arm Sleeve is a strong and highly durable garment and is able to withstand the rigors of daily wear.

Using the Juzo Dynamic 23-32 mmHg Compression Arm Sleeve

  • After a breast operation: It is common for an arm lymphedema to form due to damage to the lymph vessels and the removal of lymph nodes. An essential component of any therapy, as a follow-up to lymph drainage, is compression therapy. The compressive and intense massaging effect - in particular in the case of flat-knitted garments - helps maintain the reduced arm circumference achieved by manual lymph drainage.
  • Healing of scars: Particularly in the case of scar therapy, a well-fitted compression garment reduces the bothersome itchiness. The uniform surface pressure helps heal the scar area and leads to a reduction in scar thickness. Compression therapy can also be beneficial for long standing scars.
  • Therapeutic pressure in scar therapy: The constant surface pressure exerted by the compression garment enables the scarred area to heal more quickly. The consistency of the raised scar begins to change within just a short time, and the scar tissue becomes softer. The redness of the scar tissue recedes and the scar thickness decreases. Scar shrinkage, and the resultant joint stiffness, is also reduced.Even long standing scars can benefit from compression treatment.
  • Lymphedema: An accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissue. The affected region is highly swollen, and the affected person suffers from a feeling of tension, pain and restricted movement.In a long-standing lymphedema, the connective tissue hardens (induration). This is confirmed by the clinically important Stemmer's sign: The skin on the fingers can no longer be pinched into a normal fold, and cannot be lifted or is difficult to lift. Wearing compression garments can help with the treatment of lymphedema.

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