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Combi Chairs Accessories

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Combi Chair Seat with Forward Tilt
  • Seat angle is adjustable;
  • Seat angle adjustment = 5° and 10°;
  • For patients who cannot sit horizontally;
  • Fits all Combi Chairs except Combi Tilt/ Turn.


Combi Chair Amputee Support
  • Stainless steel frame;
  • Swing away cupped pad;
  • Comfortable polyurethane pad;
  • Infinite angle and length adjustment.

Combi Chair Front Cross Bar
  • For unstable or restless users;
  • Opens and closes in 2 ways;
  • Use together with the armrest locks;
  • Fits all Combi Chairs with standard width.


Combi Chair Lateral Supports
  • Swing away design;
  • Fits standard Combi Chairs;
  • Infinite width adjustment via star knob;
  • Manual height adjustment in 3 positions.

Combi Chair Headrest Standard Model
  • Padded polyurethane for comfort;
  • Contoured for optimal neck support;
  • Height adjustable & angle adjustment;
  • Attaches to backrest of all Combi Chair models.


Combi Chair Amputee Support with Extension Pad
  • Fits all Combi Chairs;
  • Simple extension with cupped pad;
  • Infinite angle and length adjustment;
  • Swing away for simple mounting operation.

Combi Chair Armrest Lock
  • Fits all Combi Chairs;
  • Recommended for use on Combi Tilt;
  • Prevents the user pulling armrests up;
  • Locks the flip-up armrests in a horizontal position.




Combi Chair Padded Hip & Lap Belt
  • Prevents forward sliding;
  • Keeps user more securely seated;
  • Locks in middle with safety buckle;
  • Length adjustable and fits all Combi Chairs.


Combi Chair Footrests
  • Swing together to fold flat;
  • Use with the Combi Chairs;
  • Height adjustable in 4 positions;
  • Detachable, swing away outwards.

Combi Chair Transport Seat Cover
  • Discreet black cover;
  • Fits all Combi Chairs;
  • Fits loosely on top seat;
  • Allows use as a transport chair.


Combi Chair Heel and Calf Strap
  • Fits all Combi Chairs;
  • Recommended for Combi Tilt;
  • Attach to left and right footrests;
  • Prevents user’s feet from getting caught. 

Combi Chair Buckets
  • 2 models available;
  • Round shape buckets;
  • Key hole shape bucket;
  • Fits most Combi Chairs.

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items