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Collar-and-Cuff Slings

In this category you can find our selection of Collar-and-Cuff Slings. These slings provide more mobility and are suitable for use without a bandage to treat collarbone injuries and less serious arm injuries.

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Collar and Cuff Sling Foam Rolls
  • Collar and cuff offering versatile support for sprains and pains
  • Can be made into a variety of slings and immobilisers.
  • Pack of two 6m rolls for added convenience
  • Available in two widths for preferred use

Universal Pro Collar and Cuff Sling
  • Great-value collar-and-cuff sling
  • Suitable for broken wrist, upper arm or forearm
  • Universal design for ease of application
  • Secures in place with hook-and-loop fastening

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