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Child Patient Care Manikins

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Five Year Old CPR and Trauma Care Simulator
  • Suitable for practising CPR and trauma care
  • Accurate and realistic child mannequin
  • Disposable airways improve hygiene
  • Ideal training tool for life support

Laerdal Resusci Junior QCPR Mannequin
  • Ideal for paediatric students likely to encounter young patients
  • Suitable for use with the SkillGuide Feedback Device
  • Improves individual skills to boost team performance
  • Provides hands-on experience to medical students

Advanced Infant Intubation Head
  • Incorporates new lifelike skin technology
  • Durability and realistic appearance
  • Excellent for pediatric airway training
  • Translucent property creates lifelike illumination of the airway

Mike and Michelle Child Patient Care Manikin
  • Patient care manikin for practising procedures
  • Ideal for trainee nurses or other healthcare workers
  • Realistic model of a 5 year old child with moveable joints
  • Suitable for showing both male and female catheterisation

Paediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator
  • A detailed simulator for use in practising lumbar puncture technique
  • Can be used to drain cerebrospinal fluid, measure CSF pressure, or administer medication
  • Incredibly detailed
  • Ideal for use in medical training institutions

Page 1 of 1:    7 Items