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Cervical & Tubular Cushions

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Sissel Deluxe Orthopaedic Memory Foam Neck Pillow
  • Memory foam neck pillow
  • Ideal for those with sensitive necks
  • Increased isolated pressure distribution
  • Responds dynamically to your body's heat

Sissel Soft Plus Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow
  • Orthopaedic visco-elastic foam pillow
  • Ideal for reducing pressure on the neck as you sleep
  • Find your perfect pillow height using the adjustable pad
  • Moulds dynamically to suit your head and neck shape

Sissel Soft Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow
  • Soft memory foam pillow with orthopaedic support
  • Ideal for those who struggle to sleep
  • Supports proper spinal alignment to improve sleep
  • Unbleached cotton stockinette and velour cover

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain
  • Orthopedic pillow for neck and shoulder pain
  • Designed as a spinal alignment and sleep comfort pillow
  • Can be used as a pillow for side sleeping
  • Non allergenic and non toxic materials for safe sleep

Sissel Soft Curve Memory Foam Pillow
  • Memory foam orthopaedic pillow
  • Aids tension and pain-free sleep
  • Remains malleable at low temperatures
  • Suitable treatment for whiplash, tight necks and more

Sissel Classic Plus Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow
  • Orthopaedic memory foam filled neck pillow
  • Ideal for those who overheat or with sensitive necks
  • Adjustable height pad to help you find the perfect position
  • Ventilated to circulate airflow and ensure comfortable sleep

BetterRest BR1550 ViscoFlex White Cervical Pillow
  • White hypoallergenic memory foam pillow
  • For pain and discomfort around the neck area
  • Viscoelastic memory foam moulds comfortably around painful area
  • Air duct system allows pillow to breathe and remain cool 

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Travel Sleeping Pillow
  • Convenient travel size;
  • Ability to sleep on side or back;
  • Relief for shoulder, neck and back pain;
  • Supports the natural curve of the upper spine.

Sissel Bambini Orthopaedic Kids Neck Pillow
  • Soft memory foam neck pillow for young children
  • Ideal for children aged 4 years and over
  • Establishes proper posture at an early age
  • Includes a cute patterned pillow case

Sissel Classic Large White Orthopaedic Neck Pillow
  • Large-sized orthopaedic pillow suitable for most adults
  • Ideal for those with sensitive or sore necks
  • Increased isolated pressure distribution for comfort
  • Also available in a medium size for smaller users

Sissel Classic Medium White Orthopaedic Neck Pillow
  • Medium-sized orthopaedic pillow
  • Ideal for those with sensitive necks
  • Increased isolated pressure distribution
  • Supports the shoulder and neck regions

Sissel Buchi Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow
  • Memory foam travel pillow to support your neck
  • Ideal for use on long journeys or at home
  • Fluffy velour cotton cover stays cosy and warm
  • Carry bag included for easy portability

Harley Original Contour Neck Support Pillow for Neck Pain
  • Orthopaedic pillow recommended for neck pain and support
  • Supports the neck to reduce shoulder, upper back and neck pain
  • Comfortable pillow for back, side and stomach sleepers
  • Available in five different sizes to suit your precise requirements

Harley Designer Memory Foam Orthopaedic Neck Support Pillow
  • Orthopaedic memory foam pillow for neck support
  • Provides contoured support to reduce neck and shoulder pain
  • Ideal for side, back and stomach-sleepers alike
  • Available in five shapes and sizes for customised support

Sissel Palea Spelt Filled Neck Support Pillow
  • Neck pillow filled with spelt husks
  • Ideal for those who suffer from poor sleep and sore necks
  • Maintains the ideal line of cervical spinal column
  • Filled with naturally sourced dust-free spelt husks

BetterRest BR1800 Memory Foam Cervical Roll
  • White hypoallergenic memory foam roll
  • For people suffering from neck pain
  • Memory foam moulds comfortably around neck and head area
  • Available in two sizes

Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow Spare Pillow Case With Zip
  • Zipped pillow case to fit the Harley Designer Neck Pillow
  • Available in 5 sizes to match your Harley Designer Pillow
  • Great to have as a spare or replacement pillow case
  • Fits to your pillow with ease due to the zip

Cover for the Sissel Deluxe Orthopaedic Pillow

The Original McKenzie Night Lumbar Roll
  • Ties around the waist or can be pinned to bed sheets
  • Provides lumbar support while you sleep
  • Works whether you lay on your back or side
  • Supplied with washable cover for hygiene

Cover For Sissel Soft Curve Memory Foam Pillow
  • Protective cover for the Sissel Soft Curve Pillow
  • For protecting your pillow and keeping it fresh
  • Made from luxurious velour cotton
  • Pleasant white/ivory colour

Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion
  • Durable inflatable PVC doughnut cushion
  • Enhances sitting comfort and relieves pressure 
  • Reduces the occurrence of pressure sores
  • Easy to inflate for convenience

Large Velour Cover for Sissel Classic Orthopaedic Pillow

Medium Velour Cover for Sissel Classic Orthopaedic Pillow

Pillow Case for the Sissel Bambini Orthopaedic Pillow
  • Spare pillow case for the Sissel Bambini Pillow
  • Ideal for use while washing your original pillow case
  • Colourful patterned design for kids
  • Made from soft velour cotton

McKenzie Cervical Roll Cushion
  • Helps relieve postural neck and shoulder pain
  • Includes washable poly-cotton cover
  • To be placed inside an existing pillowcase
  • Can improve sleep quality and spine health

The Original McKenzie Airback Lumbar Roll
  • Lumbar roll-support for the lower back
  • Inflatable version is perfect for travel
  • Can be inflated in seconds for easy access
  • Easy to adjust by adding or removing air

The Original McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Support
  • Firm D-shaped lumbar support roll
  • High density foam is ideal for soft furnishings or sofas
  • Contours comfortably and naturally around the body
  • Firm support is sufficient for large users

Page 1 of 1:    28 Items