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Casting Tapes and Splinting

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DeltaCast Conformable Casting Tape (Box of 10)
  • The new benchmark casting tape
  • UK's No.1 fibreglass-free tape
  • Unique construction, semi rigid/rigid
  • One product for entire healing process

Delta-Cast Prints Patterned Polyester Casting Tape (10 Rolls)
  • Pack of 10 rolls of non-fibreglass casting tape
  • Fun range of patterns ideal for children
  • Easily conforms to body contours
  • Soft and smooth edges for patient comfort

DeltaCast Elite Casting Tape (Box of 10)
  • Rigid primary, secondary castings
  • Designed with ease, comfort in mind
  • Fibreglass-free, no fibreglass dust
  • Easily unrolls and conforms to body

FlashCast Casting Tape (box of 10)
  • Popular colourful printed designs
  • Strong, durable yet smooth finish
  • Fibreglass-free, no fibreglass dust
  • Helps relieve patient anxiety

NCM Omega Max Thermoplastic Splinting Material
  • Thermoplastic splinting material with moderate stretch resistance
  • Ideal for busy clinics and patients who benefit from minimal handling time
  • Features 100% memory – ideal for serial splinting
  • Always recovers original size and shape when reheated

Delta-Cast Soft Flexible Casting Tape - 10 Rolls
  • Supports fractures and soft tissue injuries
  • Semi-rigid, to allow for flexibility
  • Reduces muscle atrophy
  • Conforms to difficult body fits

DynaCast Prelude Synthetic Splint System
  • Strong durable fibreglass cast tape
  • Mess-free alternative to plaster
  • No waste thanks to roll on format
  • Designed for patient comfort

Gypsona BP Plaster of Paris Bandage
  • Interlocking leno weave gauze minimises plaster loss
  • Smooth plaster formula for improved moulding properties
  • Nicked bandage edge for minimal fraying and loose threads
  • Available in 5-ply slabs and packs of rolls

DynaCast Prelude Strap Kits - 10 Kits
  • For use with DynaCast splints
  • Long term use without bandages
  • Latex-free, stretchy hook & loop strap
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colours

DeltaLite Plus Casting Tape (Box of 10)
  • Combines fibreglass, polyurethane
  • Smooth surface for patient comfort
  • High lamination gives strength
  • Tack-free properties, easy to apply

Darco NightSplint Splinting System
  • Includes removable wedges to create varying angle degrees in foot bed
  • Ideal for tendon shortening, heel tendinitis and Achilles tendon injuries
  • Relieves tendon shortening pain and inflammation in the heel region
  • Effective foot positioning to help support therapeutic healing

BeneCast Polyester Casting Tape
  • Provides rigid casting for primary and secondary;
  • Lightweight and breathable;
  • Vast range of colours.

DynaCast AS Ankle Splint
  • Unique custom mouldable splint
  • Lightweight but strong and durable
  • Allows use of regular footwear
  • Dispenser pack option, 10 splints

Biplatrix Plaster of Paris
  • Ultra fast setting cast, 110 seconds
  • Improved core for better handling
  • Moisture resistant packaging
  • Ideal for Orthotic apllications

Specialist E Plaster of Paris
  • Smooth and strong finished cast
  • Highly mouldable to difficult contours
  • Sets within 2-4 minutes, no mess
  • Moisture resistant packaging

Rolyan Quickcast 2 Splinting and Casting Tape
  • Ideal for serial splinting or casting of fingers
  • Sets faster than casting materials; doesn't require undercast padding
  • Provides for a low profile splint and can even be applied directly to skin
  • Can be removed with cast scissors; cast saw not required

Toe Plate for the Darco BodyArmour Dorsal Night Ankle Splint

Zinc Oxide Joint Support Strappal Tape
  • Strapping tape for injury prevention and management
  • Ideal for athletes and others with joint injuries
  • Provides firm support and limits unwanted joint motion
  • For personal and clinical use

Relifix Adhesive Dressing Retention Tape
  • Dressing retention tape for first aid kits
  • Hypoallergenic self adhesive qualities
  • Tape flexes with movement
  • Conforms around awkward areas

Relitape Fabric Elastic Tape
  • Traditional heavyweight stretch fabric 
  • Firmly secured dressings and bandages
  • Strong enough to provide support to injured limbs
  • Supplied with a miniumum order of 12 rolls

Perforated Transparent Plastic Tape
  • Water-resistant clear adhesive tape
  • Easily tearable by hand
  • Perforated design prevents skin maceration
  • Ideal for securing dressings and bandages

Relitape Microporous Tape with Dispenser
  • Low-allergy paper tape with multiple uses
  • Hypoallergenic self adhesive properties
  • Ideal to use on sensitive skin
  • Comes with a traditional tape dispenser

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