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Thuasne Townsend PediWalker Junior Walker Boot
  • Maintains natural gait with reinforced composite rocker bottom
  • Walker boot is a durable alternative to casting for children
  • Simple integrated strapping for easy application
  • Has lightweight, conformable plastic uprights

Darco OrthoWedge Shoe for Post-Surgical Healing (Pack of Two)
  • Adjustable post-surgical healing shoe
  • Suitable for forefoot trauma or ulcerations
  • Reduces weight on the forefoot to help healing
  • Pack of two Darco Wedge Shoes for both feet

Wedge Heel Post-Operative Shoe
  • Post-surgical shoe offers pressure relief
  • Suitable for foot ulcerations or wear post-surgery
  • Thermoplastic rubber sole for increased grip
  • Secure hook and loop fastening design

Darco Slimline Cast Boot
  • Versatile boot to accommodate the foot during healing
  • Suitable for various bulky casts and bandages
  • Square toe design acts as a protective bumper for toes
  • Rocker sole allows for a smooth roll throughout gait pattern

Darco OrthoWedge Shoe for Post-Surgical Healing
  • Adjustable post-surgical healing shoe
  • Suitable for forefoot trauma or ulcerations
  • Reduces weight on the forefoot to help healing
  • Square toe bumper for excellent protection and fit

Open-Toe Eco Canvas Cast Shoe
  • Individual canvas shoe with durable rocker sole
  • Designed for walking with a cast or bandages
  • Non-slip grip ensures maximum stability
  • Absorbs shocks to prevent damage

ProCare Post-Op Shoe
  • Ideal for post-operative care, metatarsal injuries and soft tissue procedures
  • Features a loop lock closure for ease of application and adjustability
  • Constructed with a rigid ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rocker sole
  • Contoured heel improves your comfort throughout use

Darco All Purpose Boot for Post-Surgical Healing
  • Adjustable shoe to assist with post-operative recovery
  • Suitable for unna boots, casts and bulky dressings
  • Fully customisable with removable EVA insole
  • Reinforced sole under the metatarsal heads

Darco Body Armour Cast Shoe
  • Shields cast from moisture, shock and everyday wear
  • Suitable for use with all casting materials and bandages
  • Easy to secure and adjust bungee closure system
  • EVA unibody design for excellent shock absorption

Post-Op Cast Shoe with Semi-Rigid Sole
  • Designed for bulky bandages
  • Provides control and protection post-surgery
  • Foam upper for shock absorption
  • Padded collar provides stability

Cast Sandal
  • Hard wearing canvas for durable use
  • Non-slip sole improves safety
  • Universal left/right for maximum versatility
  • Ideal for improve ambulation in plaster casts

Darco Slimline Paediatric Cast Boot
  • Adjustable closure technology for bulky casts or bandages
  • Can be used over a fibreglass or zinc cast
  • Uses weather-resistant upper material
  • Ideal protection against wear and tear

Post-Operative Shoe with Flexible Sole
  • Comfortable shoe for post-operative recovery
  • Suitable for any forefoot injury
  • Padded heel collar provides stability
  • Ideal for where total immobilisation is not needed

ProCare Rocker Cast Boot
  • Includes forefoot and heel loop lock contact closure for easy application
  • Features an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rocker sole for a natural gait
  • Constructed in a sandal style with durable canvas upper for comfort
  • Designed to be uses on lower leg casted fractures

Black Open Toe Cast Sandal
  • Cast sandal with hard-wearing canvas upper
  • Designed for use with weight-bearing casts
  • Features a rigid non-slip rocker sole 
  • Suitable for wearing on the left or right foot

High Sided Cast Sandal
  • Hard wearing cast sandal
  • Suitable for protecting casts and dressings
  • Non-slip rocker sole for increased stability
  • Secure and adjustable fastenings

Paediatric High Sided Cast Sandal
  • Nylon-faced padded upper cast sandal
  • Paediatric design suitable for casts and dressings
  • Designed for long-term wear
  • Features a non-slip rocker sole

ProCare Medical Surgical Shoe
  • Made with a semi-flexible, skid-resistant sole to prevent slips
  • Ideal for post-operative and post-traumatic applications
  • Suitable for when some mobility of the foot is allowed
  • Features a foam mesh upper for improved comfort

Darco MedSurg Shoe for Post-Operative Healing
  • Fully customisable protective post-operative shoe
  • Suitable for post-surgery care and the presence of K-wires
  • Rocker sole to reduce heel and forefoot plantar pressure by 25%
  • Adjustable to accommodate dressings up to 43.2cm

Darco Softie Post-Operative Shoe
  • Adjustable shoe to help post-operative healing
  • Suitable for after soft tissue procedures 
  • Easy to fasten hook and loop straps
  • Ideal for larger casts and bandages

Blue Open Toe Cast Sandal
  • Cast sandal with hard-wearing canvas upper
  • Designed for use with weight-bearing casts
  • Features a rigid non-slip rocker sole 
  • To be worn on the left or right foot

Paediatric Cast Sandal
  • Strong and durable paediatric sandal 
  • Suitable for children with foot casts or dressings
  • Non-slip grooved rocker sole 
  • Velcro fastening for adjustable wear

Darco Paediatric Cast Boot (Multi-Coloured)
  • Paediatric boot for post-injury protection
  • Suitable to wear with various casts and dressings
  • Can be worn on either the right or left foot
  • Cheerful multicoloured design for children

Promedics Supershoe for Post-Operative Healing
  • Healing shoe with added nylon upper
  • Accommodating for oedematous and bandaging
  • Return loop buckles and removable tongue
  • Immobilises toes for effective healing

Darco MedSurg Shoe Toe Cap
  • Allows the entire toe area to be covered
  • Protects from external contaminants
  • Offers enhanced comfort during use
  • An optional extra to the Darco MedSurg Shoe

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