Genius 3 Tympanic Thermometer with Disposable Covers for Hygiene Control

Purekeys Keyboards and Mouses for Infection Control

WendyLett slide sheets for patient positioning

Safehip airx fall prevention underwear

Cast Shoes & Supports

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Wedge Heel Post-Operative Shoe
  • Post-surgical shoe offers pressure relief
  • Suitable for foot ulcerations or wear post-surgery
  • Thermoplastic rubber sole for increased grip
  • Secure hook and loop fastening design

ProCare Medical Surgical Shoe
  • Made with a semi-flexible, skid-resistant sole to prevent slips
  • Ideal for post-operative and post-traumatic applications
  • Suitable for when some mobility of the foot is allowed
  • Features a foam mesh upper for improved comfort

ProCare Post-Op Shoe
  • Ideal for post-operative care, metatarsal injuries and soft tissue procedures
  • Features a loop lock closure for ease of application and adjustability
  • Constructed with a rigid ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rocker sole
  • Contoured heel improves your comfort throughout use

Post-Op Cast Shoe with Semi-Rigid Sole
  • Designed for bulky bandages
  • Provides control and protection post-surgery
  • Foam upper for shock absorption
  • Padded collar provides stability

Post-Operative Shoe with Flexible Sole
  • Comfortable shoe for post-operative recovery
  • Suitable for any forefoot injury
  • Padded heel collar provides stability
  • Ideal for where total immobilisation is not needed

ProCare Rocker Cast Boot
  • Includes forefoot and heel loop lock contact closure for easy application
  • Features an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rocker sole for a natural gait
  • Constructed in a sandal style with durable canvas upper for comfort
  • Designed to be uses on lower leg casted fractures

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items