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Cardiff Acuity Test Cards

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Cardiff 4740R Standard Acuity Test
  • Designed specially for children ages six month to three years
  • Relies on observation of the subject, rather than understanding
  • Effectively tests irrespective of child's or adult's developmental stage
  • Recommended by leading paediatric vision consultants worldwide 

Cardiff Acuity Test For Low Vision
  • Developed to test vision in toddlers (ages one - three years)
  • Suitable for older children and adults with intellectual impairment
  • Supports testing from 20/320 to 20/640 (6/96 to 6/192)
  • Kit includes 45 laminated cards with images

Cardiff Screening Test
  • A cost-effective alternative to the Cardiff 4740R Standard Acuity Test
  • For testing visual acuity in children ages 12 months to three years
  • Can be used to test older children/adults with intellectual impairment
  • Pack consists of 30 testing cards in a handy carry case

Cardiff Acuity Test for Low Vision Add-On Cards
  • Add-on cards for the Cardiff 4740R Standard Acuity Test
  • Consists of nine laminated cards and two dividers
  • Adds three cards at each visual acuity testing level
  • Cards are laminated to extend their life

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items