Bone Growth Stimulation Devices
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Bone Growth Stimulation Devices

  • Full range of sizes
  • No direct contact with skin necessary
  • Advanced Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) technology
  • Operate continuously at optimal range
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Bone Growth Stimulation Devices

Only these Donjoy CMF Bone Growth Stimulators utilise advanced Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) technology  which increases both the specificity and potency of treatment. These Combined Magnetic Field Bone Growth Stimulators operate continuously within the optimal range of electromagnetic frequencies for more effective bone growth stimulation

The Combined Magnetic Field of the Bone Growth Stimulation Devices does not diminish when passing through soft tissue and provides effective healing with just a 30-minute-a-day treatment. These Bone Growth Stimulation Devices are also patient-friendly for maximum compliance.

Features of the Bone Growth Stimulation Devices

  • Full range of sizes to fit all patients
  • Ergonomically designed control box
  • Louder audible beep signaling operation
  • Large LCD icon graphics for better visibility
  • Available for casted or noncasted applications
  • Casted applications require no cut outs to the cast
  • Possibility to utilise with internal or external fixations
  • No direct skin contact necessary

How Do Bone Growth Stimulators Work?

Studies suggest that Combined Magnetic Field can stimulate bone growth.

  • Increases osteoblast secretion of IGF-II and IGFBPs
  • Increases osteoblastic DNA synthesis
  • Increases IGF-II levels in fracture callus cultures

Studies that support this:

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Clinical Data On Healing Time and Healing Rate

Types of Bone Growth Stimulation Devices

The Bone Growth Stimulation Devices are available to buy in 5 options. Please refer to the chart below and select the device you require from the drop down menu above.

Device Description  Diameter 
01-203-0001  OL1000 Dual Coil N/A
01-211-0002 OL1000 Single Coil, Small  7" (18 cm)
01-211-0003 OL1000 Single Coil, Medium  10" (25 cm) 
 01-211-0004 OL1000 Single Coil, Large  12" (30 cm) 
01-207-0007 Spinalogic N/A

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