Orthosleeve FS6 Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeves
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Blue Point Insoles

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Blue Point 3/4 Length Insoles
  • Suitable for walking and high-impact sports
  • Designed for flat shoes and trainers
  • Provides pressure and pain relief
  • Cushions and supports the foot

Blue Point Heel Wedges with REM Spur
  • Helps relieve pressure and pain in most sensitive area
  • Designed for shock absorption and pressure relief
  • Heel wedges can be trimmed to the desired size
  • Made from medical-grade viscoelastic silicone

Blue Point 3/4 High Heel Insoles with Metatarsal Rise
  • Designed for high heels or tight fitting shoes
  • Metatarsal rise for relief on the forefoot
  • Pressure relief and shock absorption
  • Enhanced comfort and support

Blue Point 3/4 High Heel Insoles with Metatarsal Pad
  • Metatarsal pad for pressure relief in the forefoot
  • Designed for high heel or tight fitting shoes
  • Shock absorbing and enhanced comfort
  • Eases pain caused by pressure

Blue Point Heel Cups
  • Comfortable while walking, running or standing
  • Promotes stability across the whole foot
  • Cushions and supports the entire heel
  • Pressure relief and shock absorption

Blue Point Posted Heel Wedges with Soft Spur
  • Shock-absorbing and pressure-relieving capabilities
  • Added comfort while standing, walking or running
  • Helps flat feet, high arches and knee conditions
  • Suitable for use in daily life or while running

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

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