Your Back

Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  Paul

The entire Health and Care team recently underwent moving and handling training which, amongst other things, taught us how to look after our backs when lifting - complete with health and safety video. You know the sort of thing with everybody falling over ridiculously.

Whilst our friendly neighbourhood Scotsman, Roy, leading the class didn’t seem too impassioned with his job (to me it never did seem the natural habitat of a Scot, a travelling health and safety rep) we did still learn some valuable tips to hopefully help us avoid doing our backs in and being rendered unable to work. After all, you’re no use to anyone if you can’t work.

Aside from professional health and safety training, the training got me thinking that we happen to offer quite a wide selection of products that can also help keep the back straight and strong. After the training I also couldn’t help but be more consciences about my back and ways in which I can prevent myself becoming horribly stooped in my Christmas years. Who wouldn’t want to prevent that?

Everyone remembers being checked by their mother to ‘sit up straight’ which is a good start - and we offer a range of lumbar rolls to help you do just that. Lifting things correctly by bending the knees and keeping the back straight is another good thing. But what if you want to take it a bit more seriously? We’ve got some seriously funky looking things like the Nubax Trio Decompression Therapy which removes any load from the spine altogether for regular back therapy. Or the Flexibak which cradles the back in a unique position that relives back pain. Or the Shiatsu 3D Massager which gives unique massages using vibration and heat combined for ultimate pain relief and comfort!

Why not start looking after your back today with something like this? And if you’re thinking of ignoring it and not taking action – just visit your local old people’s home to see some serious stoopage.